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Final December Cornville Homes For Sale Market Conditions

How’s The Market Doing? Homes For-Sale Cornville – Verde Santa Fe – Page Springs Arizona 86325 Final December 2017 ~ REAL TIME Market Report & Analysis ~ ~ ~ Learn More About Cornville – Verde Santa Fe – Page Springs Courtesy of…

Celebrating Two Years In A Very Special Way At Snowbowl Flagstaff Arizona

First Time Snowboarding! Snowbowl Flagstaff Arizona         Snowbowl Flagstaff – Tristan Xander – Turned Two Years Old on February 7 ! He was a Superbowl baby. My son has been excited to take Tristan snowboarding ever since Tristan was…

Sedona Weather – January 2018 – Warmest In 9 Years!

Sedona Weather for January 2018 – While the rest of the country east of Arizona is having extremely cold weather and freezing conditions, Our Arizona and Sedona January was warmer than most of the country. The high and low days for January was 3º warmer than last year and the average was 6.5º higher than last year. We did get 1.76 inches of rain in January and just a trace of snow.

Schnebly Hills Photos

Image shows view from the top of Schnebly Hills out to Oak Creek Canyon (foreground). Uptown is just out of the picture on the left. Ship Rock sits beyond the 89A furthest red rock in the right foreground. Capital Butte, West Sedona is behind it….

InfoGraphics – A Fun Way to Get Sedona Real Estate Market Reports

Using an infographic to tell about the Sedona Market Overview is an interesting way to pack in a lot of information into a fun graphic. There are a few points of interest that many customers have told me are important to them. The weather, outdoor activities, and being able to see those little dots in the night sky we call stars.

Sedona Marathon 2018 Countdown to the race on February 3, 2018

There are many different categories you can pick to run, starting with a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon as well as categories for youth. 

Entry fees depend on the category you choose. Vogue magazine reported that the Sedona Marathon was ranked 7th on a list of 15 of the most beautiful marathon venues in the world.

Sedona Heritage Museum In Uptown Sedona

Sedona Heritage Museum – is the homestead of Will and Annie Jordan. Going back quite a few years, there were 12 other farmers who filed a suit alleging crop damage due to the smelters sulfurous smoke of the United Verde Mining Company located in what is now Clarkdale Arizona.

Do A Few Things Right and Embrace Real Estate with Irrational Optimism!

Become the “Choice” in your market. Be steadfast and embrace the future of real estate with irrational optimism. Innovative thinking creates innovative solutions tailored for every buyer and seller in your market. Set the standard for business values, based on the concept of World Class Service and exceptionalism. Your goal should be to exceed the needs of your clients and be the real estate agent of choice in the market for today and tomorrow. 

Majestic Oak Creek Canyon – Magic Time

This is an area that will leave you silent while you take in the beauty of the majestic mountains. These peaks rise to well over 6000+ feet.  There are no words …just silent reflection on the beauty that Mother Nature has given us to enjoy. Have a majestic day!

Hiking Jordon Park Uptown Sedona Arizona 86336

Hiking Jordon Park during “Magic Time” is a very special treat. In my opinion, “Magic Time” is that time just before sunrise and just after sunset. The sun is just below the horizon and the spectrum of light is diffused through the atmosphere. The red light has the longest visible wavelength of light so it easily gets through the thick atmosphere layer just below the horizon.

Why Are Sedona New Construction Costs Skyrocketing?

Always remember that as a buyer considering new home construction, you should be represented by a buyer real estate agent. Seller agents are there to represent the builder/seller and protect those interests.

Final December 2017 Cottonwood AZ Homes For Sale – Market Conditions

To analyze the Cottonwood AZ Market Report, An understanding of the city is helpful. It is about a half hour south of Sedona and located off highway 260 and the 89A. Cottonwood is known for it’s big box shopping centers and is also known for the Verde Valley Medical Center. This is very appealing to many who need to be near medical facilities, doctors and other professionals. There are many medical offices around the hospital that provide all the services you might need.

Final 2017 – Sedona 86336 Condo-Townhouse Market Report – 2016 – 2017 Comparison

As you research the Final 2017 Sedona condo & townhouses for sale and market report, this is a comprehensive report. For additional information about a particular condo or townhouse, reach out for Sheri Sperry. 

Final 2017 Crimson View Homes For Sale and Market Conditions – West Sedona AZ 86336

The Sedona business district is just one more reason this area is a favorite among residents and buyers alike. Crimson View sub-division is close to the West Sedona business district.

Final 2017 – Casa Contenta Market Report – Luxury Homes For Sale – Sedona AZ

Besides being a luxury home neighborhood, Casa Contenta features many amenities such as, a tennis courts and swimming pool with a clubhouse. There is a full-time grounds keeper on premise.

December Market Report ~ Big Park – VOC – AZ 86351 ~ Homes For Sale

As you research the Sedona- Big Park-VOC real estate market homes for-sale, these are real time charts that tell us “How the market is doing”. This Market Report gives you a current in-depth market analysis. Sheri Sperry of Coldwell Banker shares current Days on Market (DOM), how much Inventory is currently available, median price trendsDiscover more now!

Sedona AZ 86336 Homes For Sale – December Market Report ~ 2017

As you research the Sedona real estate market homes for-sale, these are real time charts that tell us “How the market is doing”. This Sedona 86336 Market Report will give you a current in-depth market analysis. Sheri Sperry shares the current Days on Market (DOM), how much Inventory is currently available, median price trends and whether it is a seller or buyer’s market reflected in the Market Action Index (MAI). See what each quartile is doing and what the MAI is all about.

The Sedona Real Estate Experience Is All About YOU!

A good REALTOR® can help navigate the journey with you in mind. It takes real flair to be able to make it look easy and make the experience … all about you!

New Construction Clarkdale AZ – CLOSED – Last Work Day of 2017!

There is new construction all over the Clarkdale and Cottonwood area. If you are looking for new home construction close to Sedona, major shopping and medical center at a reasonable cost, please let me know. Home sites and new construction are selling fast. Prices will rise and long waits will develop as the coming months unfold. I can help you find a home if you don’t see results below. Many builders have not posted new homes yet on the Multiple Listing Service.

Sedona Winter Solstice – Shadows of the Solstice in Red Rock Country

Today I took this image of Coffeepot Rock and noticed something different that I didn’t realize before. There are no real shadows on the red rock. The sun is at it’s south-eastern most point today and the shadows are very slight.


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