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HGTV – Sedona Oasis – After the Big Reveal in West Sedona

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West Sedona Arizona 86336

HGTV – Vacation House For Free ~ Sedona Oasis

Hosted By Matt Blashaw 

Featuring Joshua Lovell – Joshua Tree Landscape

West Sedona - Joshua Tree Landscape

This is after the “Big Reveal”

HGTV - Vacation House For Free - Sedona Oasis West Sedona

Before Picture

Joshua Tree Landscape Artist Rendition

Joshua Tree Landscape Design – Artist Rendition

WEST SEDONA, ARIZONA – Prior to filming this episode, there is a lengthy process of deciding what will go into the show. What areas would the audience like to see or visit. Picking an area that will captivate the audience is only part of the challenge. Other areas such as the participants (e.g. homebuyers), their personality, type of properties, B-roll film, charisma of the host as well as the emphasis on the “Big Reveal” all matter in a successful DIY or HGTV show, like “Vacation House For Free – Sedona Oasis”.

HGTV was very fortunate to get Joshua Lovell to help with this particular episode, “Sedona Oasis”.  Joshua Treescape Landscaping designed and contracted the landscape project.  Joshua is an actual contractor and has built his own home as well as other projects in the Verde Valley.  His projects are built with quality in mind.

It was Joshua that saw that the drainage on the property was a real problem and had to be addressed.  He was the only contractor who had discussed this with HGTV. It was also his idea to come up with the sliding door addition to make it easy to access the backyard paradise that he designed for HGTV.

This is the first in a series of articles “After the Big Reveal”

 Blog – DIY Renovation Tips – HGTV blog post

Sheri Sperry is YOUR Solutions Realtor.  Besides networking with the very best Realtors®,  Sheri networks with local people you can trust to provide quality products and services for your home and other needs.  Contact Sheri if you have questions or need any assistance. Sheri can help you solve even the most complex challenges of homebuyers/sellers by providing specific, creative solutions.

Learn more about Sheri Sperry – SheriSperry.Realtor

HGTV – Coming to West Sedona in 2 Days! Set Your DVR!!

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West Sedona Arizona

HGTV – Vacation House For Free – “Sedona Oasis”

Episode 207

Hosted By Matt Blashaw

Matt Blashaw – Showing Us How It Is Done!

OK!  The time is almost here for Episode 207 of HGTV’s “Vacation House For Free – Sedona Oasis” featuring Sedona Premiere Landscape Designer and Contractor Joshua Lovell – of Joshua Tree and Landscape Company.

Coming this Thursday February 25th

The episode is due to air on Thursday on HGTV at 9:00 am MST. Please check your local listings scheduled for your area.  If you can’t watch it live.  Please set your DVR to record the episode.

Joshua Tree Landscape

Joshua Lovell Featured on “Sedona Oasis”


Matt Blashaw Inspecting Deck & Spa


Matt & Joshua Working Together With Red Rock On “Sedona Oasis”


Joshua asked my husband to take some photos for him and after the “Big Reveal” we will share these images.  I can tell you there are some incredible shots of the work that was completed. We are still going through some video that I hope we can also share with you!

You will also get to see the “behind the scenes” look at how some of this is done. All of this was filmed in West Sedona as well as “B” roll in Uptown Sedona.

Stay Tuned………!!

Sedona Arizona Market Reports ~ Feb 2016

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Sedona Arizona 86336

Market Reports

~ ~ ~

Check out the most current monthly reports at REMAXSEDONA.NET

~ ~ ~

Prepared for you by Sheri Sperry – YOUR Solutions Realtor®

284 Back O Beyond Sedona Arizona

284 Back O Beyond Circle – Sedona Arizona 86336

Listing ID 507988 Offered by ReMax Sedona

Sedona Arizona 86336 Homes For Sale

Report 2/22/16

Sedona Arizona 86336 Market Reports for February Homes For Sale
First of all these are real time charts that tell us “How the market is doing”.  See the definition of Market Action Index above. Altos Research uses a complex algorithm to provide the MAI.

Sedona 86336 is the heart of Sedona.  There are two zip codes 86336 and 86351.  These Market Reports will be highlight 86336.  In this zipcode, you will find the majority of the shopping, entertainment, restaurants, and lodging. It also includes a couple of 5 star resorts and the camping areas and mountain style living in the Oak Creek area heading toward Flagstaff.

As discussed in January, the Sedona market has been stronger than normal for the winter months. This trend continues in February.  In Sedona 86336 which is basically areas such as the Chapel area, Uptown, West Sedona, the airport area and Red Rock Loop, prices are continuing a strong trend upward ($14,000 higher) though inventory remains the same from the report published in January at 163. 

The Market Action Index is showing a strong downward trend, however it has moved up one tenth of a point from the January report.  The top Quartile is continuing to move downward. Last month it was at 25 and this month it is at 24. The 2nd Quartile has moved below 35 dropping to 32 and is trending strongly downward as well.  The bottom two quartiles are still above 35 or higher which is a pretty strong seller market. There is good news for sellers in the bottom quartile ($400,000 median), The bottom quartile is higher than any point going back to April of 2013. It is a very strong sellers market. 

Overall, buyers may find some reasonable areas of selection because it is a Buyer’s Advantage, however not a strong advantage. Homes in the 4th Quartile are continuing to sell in less than 100 days and the seller is definitely in the driver seat!

One note: The Luxury Market has a new low price point of $731,000.  This price point normally averages closer to $1 million. The Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals which Sheri Sperry is a past-president of defines the Luxury Market as the top 10% of the listings available. 

To learn more about these market reports please visit the Learning Center or visit Market Reports on my website.


Market Report Sedona 86336 February Quartiles


There are 54 Sedona homes for sale (currently) priced at $1 million and over

$700,000 to $999,999 returned 36 Sedona homes for sale

$400,000 to $699,999 returned 62 Sedona homes for sale (11 new listings from January)

$399,000 and under returned 47 Sedona homes for sale


Interactive charts below will continue to show current market information

Large Chart



Large Chart




A paid subscription service is provided by and Altos Research to determine “How the active market is doing”. 


Sedona Weather – January 2016 Update

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Sedona Weather – January 2016

Sedona weather and precipitation

sedona weather and temperatures

This will be a new monthly feature.  

Many of our clients come to Sedona from out-of-state to enjoy the warmer weather in the winter time. People love the Spring and Fall weather as well. It is a great place to see desert flowers and plants bloom.  Fall provides a myriad of color that you can’t find in other places of the state or for that matter the Southwest. We also have milder Summer weather conditions because the altitude is around 4500 feet.  So when Phoenix is 113º, Sedona may only be a dry 98º.

So Lots of my clients who fall in love with Sedona (Red Rock Fever) ask me what the weather is like all year long.  So providing up to the minute weather data as well as almanac local weather history is something that many like to see.

We have a weather statsedona weather station ion right in our backyard.  It can be monitored very easily. The Soldiers Pass area, where we live is a little more sheltered and seems to be slightly cooler than surrounding areas. But overall you will get a pretty accurate idea of what the weather is like every month of the year.  The charts go back 6 years prior to this year.  There is also a historic monthly averages chart as well. As well as a chart that indicates weather extremes, averages, and an overall climactic view.  It will certainly give you a much better idea of what to expect than just looking at a monthly average chart.

If you prefer more information. please go to  for detailed information and also current videos of weather phenomena.

January 2016

January is usually our coldest month of the year.  It is a time where you will find our lowest temperatures and we may even get a nice amount of snow.  This year was no exception though January was not quite as cold as December 2015 was.  December was an unusually cold month and generally mirrored the conditions we usually get in January. This January, we had a lot of snow (4.50 in.) and a good amount of rain.  By the end of the month the junipers were in full bloom with “berry dust”. As the wind hits the trees, it almost appears that the tree is on fire. The dust is a golden color and it swirls off the trees like a plume of smoke.

Most of January (26 days) the lows usually right before dawn, were below freezing, but even in January the temps got up to an average of 53º which is sweater temp. There were 7 days above 60º and 17 days were above 55º.  Last year our warmest day was 70º.  Pretty nice for January!

Here is an example of what the snow can look like.  For those of you who are tired of snow … this snow does not last long. Usually most if not all is gone by the next day.  Because it is so dry, much of the snow evaporates directly into the atmosphere.  On occasion, we may have a day that does not allow the snow to melt completely.

Sedona Snow Moon …Why?

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Sedona Snow MoonSedona Snow Moon

The Sedona Snow Moon …Twice a year, right before Spring and right before Fall, the sun and moon start to switch places. It is a more rapid change than when the sun and moon are cresting during winter and summer. 

Snow piles even higher in February, giving this moon its most common name. Among tribes that used this name for the January moon, the February moon was called the Hunger Moon due to the challenging hunting conditions. Of course, snow does not pile any time of the year in Sedona!

In fact, it is so warm that the trees are already blooming and leaves are coming in! Right now it is 70º with a high of 74º expected!

Customer are always asking about our weather here in Sedona.  Some have the misconception that it is very similar to Phoenix. So I decided I am going to do a weather recap monthly summerizing the weather conditions for the month before. We have a weather station right in our back backyard and have already built up 5 years of statistics.  So, why not?  !!  see more at .

Just Listed! View Lot For Sale – In West Sedona

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325 Mission Drive, Sedona Arizona 86336

325 Mission Rd Sedona AZ

In the Heart of West Sedona


Close To Shopping ~ Restaurants ~ Entertainment ~ Professional Services


Medical, Dental and Optical Offices  

This property is a rare find. It is .39 acre and sits on a cup-de-sac.  The survey is completed and there are views every where you turn.

Convenient Location

This great location is located near all the services you might need. Most are within 5 minutes of this property. There is an expanded Whole Foods close by. Two banks in the same shopping center along with a restaurant, coffee house and bagel shop. Right behind the Whole Foods are Medical Offices and Eye Care. Across Soldiers Pass, there is a law office, dental offices another restaurant and small shops. For those who may come to visit, there is a Best Western in that same proximity.


For outdoor activities you need not go far. There are trails, a park, and a dog park, all within walking distance if you prefer.


You can see by the pictures and the video that the views are breathtaking.  There is a tale that talks about Theodore Roosevelt who’s mission it was to conserve and preserve as much of our magnificent land and resources as he could had been making his way west creating National Monuments, many of which have become National Parks over the years. He was at the Grand Canyon and was going to continue south toward Sedona when urgent business interrupted his trip. He took the train out of Flagstaff to head back to Washington DC.  He never made it to Sedona or we might not have had the privilege to live in this beauty and majestic landscape and red rocks.

As you watch the video and look at the pictures below, think about this rare opportunity to own a piece of Sedona with magnificent views!

325 Mission Rd Sedona AZ

325 Mission Rd Sedona AZ

325 Mission Rd Sedona AZ

325 Mission Rd Sedona AZ

325 Mission Rd Sedona AZ

Learn More About 325 Mission

Contact Sheri

Sedona Lots & Land For Sale


Find All Homes in Sedona




Snow In Sedona ~ What To Expect From Mother Nature and Snow Diamonds

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Sedona Winter Weather

February 1, 2016 – Three Plus Inches of Snow

February 2, 2016 – Snow Diamonds

When the sun comes up normally in Sedona, the snow starts melting immediately. But because the temperature was 19º, the snow was firm and in no danger of melting at that moment.  The sun is at a low angle as it hits the snow and creates a refraction on the ice particles which mimics the brilliant shimmer of a diamond.  Unfortunately, the camera lens does not pick up the shimmer quite the same as your eye does.  I must have seen hundreds of ‘diamonds’ shimmering on that small surface that the camera was focused on.  Fortunately, you can see some of the ‘diamonds’ when the light hits at the right angle.

Same Day – Mother Nature’s Jewelry

We are very lucky to have mild seasons.  Yes, we get a warm summer and a cool winter.  But we do not get the extremes that many areas of the country get.  We can get snow, but it does not paralyze our city.  We don’t need snow plows. Occasionally we may have to dump some volcanic ash on the main roadway to make sure that cars have traction.  This is a rare occurrence.

More Pictures 

Thunder Mountain snow Sedona Weather Sedona snow Sedona winter Sedona Weather

Cottages At Coffeepot ~ A Closer Look ~ West Sedona

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Cottages At Coffeepot

Soldiers Pass 

West Sedona Arizona 86336

~ ~ ~

A Unique Gated Community 

Sedona Townhouse for sale

Cottages At Coffeepot Are Maintained With Your Safety & Aesthetics in Mind

Coffeepot Cottages townhomes Soldiers Pass West Sedona
The Cottages At Coffeepot West Sedona is a community for those who want a lock and go lifestyle. The community has a full-time grounds keeper who maintains the front landscaping of each home.  There is only one way in and one way out and it has a security gate to maintain your privacy.  The Cottages are very safe. Because they sit over a mile off the main highway (89A) and are tucked in at the foot of the forest preserve, there is little traffic that is not accounted for.

Designed For Low Maintenance and Relaxation

There are 34 homes and generally 10-12 full-time residents who live in the Cottages while other residents travel to homes based on the season.  Some spend summers here and others spend their winter months in this community.

Some of the unique features that the Cottages has for the residents, is a heated swimming pool that is available from May through October.  The pool area sits higher than most of the luxury town homes and has a great view of the surrounding red rocks.  Straddling one of the famous rocks in Sedona. ..Coffeepot Rock, the pool is located right below. From the main street of the 89A, it looks just like the old percolator coffee pot, but as you move around the rock, it can take on another appearance of  a “Standing Eagle” a name given to the rock by the Native Americans who inhabit the area.

Besides the pool, you can play a set of tennis anytime you choose at the tennis courts located right below the pool area.  Anytime you decide you want some fresh air and a nature walk, there are trails by Coffeepot that lead to Boynton Canyon to the west and Jordan Park to the east.  The Seven Pools and Devil’s Kitchen are a ten minute walk right outside of the community.  There are Jeep trails also that you can take to get to those features. Just make sure you have a narrow rock climbing vehicle to get you back there!

Coffeepot rock
You enter the community from the top of the hill and the street lights meet the dark sky requirements.  These monuments throw a soft light down onto the pavement and each townhome has one or more in front of their home.

As you can see, there is green grass where you might expect rocks and desert plants.  Most of the community has grass in front of the town homes. However, the HOA is considering modernizing the landscaping in increments as needed to bring a fresh young look to the complex.

Sedona townhouses for sale

The picture above is looking down from Coffeepot Rock. There are 34 units.  Two of these units sit on two lots. Most of these luxury town homes are two and three units to a building. Each unit has some sort of courtyard in the front and a backyard garden area. Many units have built in BBQs and all have a slab patio front and back.  About half of the units back up to forest with a direct view of Coffeepot Rock.  Those units that sit on the east side of the street have a view of Coffeepot Rock from the front of the town house.

The Cottages At Coffeepot Architecture Is Timeless & Built To Last 

The architect is a prominent local resident who builds a quality home that usually remains pretty timeless. Don Woods has designed more than 200 local homes including Junipine Resort in Oak Creek Canyon to Heartline Cafe and the Sedona Racquet Club according to Sedona Monthly Magazine. This article was back in 2006. The builder is still active in the community.  He is Phil Morris.  Currently he has a multi-million dollar project about 3 minutes from the Cottages located right on Soldier’s Pass. Again, Phil Morris provides a quality product that a home owner can be proud of.

The Soldier’s Pass area of Sedona is one of the more pricey areas in Sedona. The average home price in Soldier Pass right now is over $1,650,000.  On the other hand, The Cottages At Coffeepot which sit on some prime property at the very end of Soldier’s Pass.

Just 4 Minutes Away….


 The Soldier’s Pass Location Is 4 Minutes To Shopping & Dining

The location is far enough away from main highway traffic to relish the quiet solitude of nature.  Surrounded by pine and juniper trees, your Cottage is nestled deep into nature yet you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing you are located in a gated community that looks after it’s own.  

A recent study has shown that living within a mile of a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s increases the value of your home. The Whole Foods of Sedona is right at the beginning of Soldiers Pass just 3 minutes away.  

Medical & Professional Services Are Just 4 Minutes Away

A question often asked is “How far are the medical facilities located?”  The intersection of Soldier’s Pass & SR 89A is the start of all the businesses located in Sedona.  Besides the Whole Foods at that corner, there are two banks, restaurants and professional services which include, doctors offices, eye care, dentist and lawyer’s offices as well as other professional services. Within 5 minutes of that corner are all the services you may possibly need.  If you need any specific questions answered please reach out to me through my cell phone or email.

Contact Sheri Sperry 


Search Homes For Sale in Coffeepot Cottages –

– Soldier’s Pass – West Sedona AZ 86336

There are three Cottages for sale currently on market, from the mid $600s to the mid $800s In the recent past, no more than two of these special homes are available at any given time.

  More Information For Sedona Home or Cottage Buyers


If You Are Selling Your Sedona Home or Cottage At Coffeepot

You can find a number of sites that will provide you with an ‘estimate‘ of what your home is worth.  These sites use public records and algorithms to determine an ‘estimate‘. They must also publish their ‘error rate’ as well. The human factor is left out of the equation in these estimates. I live in this community and can give you a more accurate estimate of what your home or town house will sell for.  This is what I do for a living.

Complimentary Comparative Market Analysis 

I am familiar with all of Sedona and the surrounding communities.  I also network with the top REALTORS® in the area. I am also a past-president of the Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals. We meet every 2 weeks to discuss current market conditions and what the forward looking picture is indicating for the market.

National and even county-wide news sources are slow and do not accurately represent what is happening in the Sedona area. I contract with a National Research firm to provide you with COMPLIMENTARY, real-time up-to-date market reports and statistics showing homes and condos for sale in Sedona. These reports are updated every few days to keep you current on Sedona market conditions. This is a valuable tool for you that only I provide through quick website graphs or detailed reports you can get FREE in your email. Just select this link, “How is the market is doing?“.  You can subscribe to any report you need and it will be delivered to your email in-box on a weekly basis.  If you have any questions, feel free to call me.  I will walk you through it.

Also, monthly I provide you with a Market Report Analysis for each of the main zip codes and communities in the area which include: Sedona 86336, Village of Oak Creek 86351, Cornville/Page Springs 86325, and Cottonwood 86326.

More Information For Real Estate Sellers

Additional Pictures 

Homes for sale Soldiers Pass Sedona AZ

Sedona Pool homes for sale

Coffeepot Rock

West Sedona Arizona

Video From the Cottages Pool Area

Marriott Courtyard Coming to Sedona ~ July

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Marriott Courtyard Sedona

Located in West Sedona

Opening July 2016 

West Sedona Real Estate update

West Sedona Arizona is finally getting a Marriott Courtyard.  It was the one brand missing in this city filled with 5 star resorts, hotels, motels and vacation timeshare properties.  This is a community that has a little more than10,000 residents yet swells to 50,000 on any given day.  When a small resort community can get 4.5 million guests from all over the world, we should have a Marriott as another option for these guests.

For many of us, we may tend to pick a certain chain or brand to rest our weary heads.  Now West Sedona can proudly say we have a Marriott Courtyard to add to guest accommodations.

This Courtyard is being built across the street from the Sedona Red Rock High School on the west end of town.  It should have some awesome views of the red rocks right out of the front of the hotel. You will be able to see Capital Butte, Thunder Mountain and Coffeepot Rock. You will also being looking north to Boynton Canyon where there are Hopi  Ruins that you can explore.

The Marriott Courtyard West Sedona appears to sit back far enough off the main road to minimize road noise. Usually, the traffic on this side of town thins out as you move toward Cottonwood. There is usually more traffic as you move east toward Uptown Sedona and the famous “Y” which is the intersection of Highway 89A and the 179. A roundabout has since replaced the “Y”, but that intersection has kept the moniker.

There is a Hilton, Hyatt, 5 star resorts such as Enchantment and L’Auberge de Sedona, so I say why not a Marriott.  The largest hotel chain in the word with the acquisition of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide.

Here is the link to the Marriott website that features the Courtyard Sedona.

A Realtor’s Job Is To Help Fulfill A Customer’s Special Needs

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A Realtor’s Job is To Help Fulfill Our Customer’s Needs

As Realtors, our job is to help customers with their real estate needs. What about those people who may have particular needs. How may we help them? Fortunately, there are experts and professionals that can help people make their home purchase more acceptable to every family member.

One of these particular needs is helping those families with relatives who have Autism. According to the Autusm Society, about 1% of the world population has an autism spectrum disorder. It is estimated that 1 baby born of every 68 births in the United States has Autism. It has also been on the rise increasing 6% to 15% a year from 2002 to 2010.

At some point, Realtors® will be dealing with a family who may have a child or sibling with Autism. I do everything I can to point my customers in a direction that will help them make the right decision based on their needs. This fits those parameters.

Below you will read a blog from Karen Fiddler that may help point you in the right direction.

Here is another blog that helps explain more about home decorating and what you can do to make the environment of your home more pleasing to a person who is Autistic. One of the key factors to remember is that every person has different needs to help them with their Autism. It is up to family mambers to help decide what specific requirements will work best for your situation.



~ ~ ~  
Home Design For Autistic Families


This week was a rewarding one. For the first time, I had a very special family with very special needs. One of the children has severe autism and the youngest seems to be exhibiting similar signs. For families dealing with autistic children, the home environment is very important.

As we all know, children in particular need to feel safe and secure at home. This is especially true for special needs children who can see the world as a scary place with many uncertainties.

This family had done it’s research. They have worked closely with their therapist and other experts to determine what the home environment should be. One of the steps they took was to consult with a home remodeler who specializes in designing, remodeling and building homes for the Autistic Community.

While this family was not building from scratch, we used all this information to find a home that the children could love and in which they could thrive.

I was motivated to learn more about Home Builders who specialize in building homes for people with Autism. In my research, I found a company locally who does just this. Autism Home Design uses a specific process to ensure that the home is a customized solution for that family.

During this process, they gather all the information available and do a detailed assessment. This includes not only the person affected with Autism, but the family as a whole and it’s unique dynamic. They they design a home to suit these needs.

One of the things I they talk about is how to present the design to the child. Children with Autism do not like change. So Autism Home Design uses specialized social “stories” and visual aids to help the child become a part of the solution and gain an understanding of the changes to come.

Finally, they make a point to state that they work with the family even after completion. They use professionals to determine if the needs found during the assessment were achieved, and if they need to adjust once the family is in.

This goes long past the traditional home decorating or Feng Shui. Families living with Autism might need entire walls moved or rooms redesigned. Not all families are able to build from scratch, as was the case with my clients, but educating themselves….and me…is helping us find a home which will provide the caring environment for their children and family.

Simply amazing!

DRE #01494165
M 949.510.2395

Cottonwood Homes For-Sale ~ Market Reports ~ January

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Homes ForSale 

Cottonwood Arizona 86326

Market ReportsCottonwood Arizona Homes For Sale

1502 S. Tanager, Cottonwood Arizona 86326

Listing ID 508821 Offered by Re/MAX Sedona

Cottonwood Arizona 86326 Homes ForSale

Report 1/18/16

search Cottonwood AZ real estate for saleThese are real time charts that tell us “How the market is doing”.  See the definition of Market Action Index above. Altos Research uses a complex algorithm to provide the MAI.

Cottonwood Arizona 86325 is a city, about a half hour south of Sedona. It is located off highway 260.   Cottonwood is known for it’s big box shopping centers and is also known for the Verde Valley Medical Center.  There are many medical offices around the hospital that provide all the services you might need. Go to and select Cottonwood for more information.

Since April of 2015 as some markets became much more soft, Cottonwood has been moving in an upward trend and continued to strenghten.  As of January 2016, the Market Action Index (MAI) is climbing sharply.

Another indicator shows that inventory is lightening up (probably because sellers tend to wait until Spring to start a new listing).  But the inventory is still being depleted and prices are slightly higher which has mildly positive indications for the market.  Days On Market (DOM) are trending upward.  If that trend continues the MAI will level out and move toward a buyers market.  Though at over 10 points above the equilibrium point, this may not have much impact when the market starts to heat up in April.

The Characteristics per Quartile show the MAI at 40 for the highest quartile while the other 3 quartiles are close to the 50 point mark.  Remember that a MAI of 30 is the point of equilibrium between a buyer or seller market.

The homes in the Cottonwood area are priced more competitively than Sedona. You get more home and property for the price.  Also it is an easy drive to Sedona to enjoy the beauty of that area.

To learn more about these market reports please visit:

The Learning Center or visit Market Reports on my website.

Reports are generated weekly on Mondays

Search for Cottonwood Arizona property


Select Link Below To See Cottonwood Single Family Homes in Each Price Range

There are 13 Cottonwood homes for sale (currently) priced at $500,000 and over

$350,000 to $499,999 returned 12 Cottonwood homes for sale 

$200,000 to $349,999 returned 29 Cottonwood homes for sale

$199,999 and under returned 28 Cottonwood homes for sale    


Large Chart


Large Chart



 Disclaimer: Listing information deemed reliable but not guaranteed – SVVAR Broker Reciprocity

search for Cottonwood homes for sale

Sedona Homes For-Sale ~ January 2016 Market Reports

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Homes For-Sale

Sedona Arizona 86336

January ~ Market Reports

Check out the most current monthly reports at REMAXSEDONA.NET

Sedona Luxury Real Estate

 25 Buckskin Ln, (Crimson View) Sedona Arizona 86336

Listing ID 508411 Offered by ReMax Sedona

Sedona Arizona 86336 Homes For-Sale

Sedona AZ Homes for sale Market Profile

First of all, as you research Sedona homes for-sale, these are real time charts that tell us “How the market is doing”.  See the definition of Market Action Index  (MAI) above. Altos Research uses a complex algorithm to provide the MAI.

Here we are in the beginning of January and normally the market is predictably soft right now.  In Sedona 86336 which is basically areas such as the Chapel area, Uptown, West Sedona, the airport area and Red Rock Loop, prices are continuing a strong trend upward with inventory showing a strong downward trend.  However, the Market Action Index is also showing a strong downward trend.  Mostly because the top Quartile is starting to move downward and is well below 30 at 25.  The other 3 quartiles are at 35 or higher which is a pretty strong seller market. But all quartiles are anywhere from 3 to 5 points lower than November 2015.  This indicates that the market is moving closer to the advantage of the buyer.  If you are a serious buyer, now is the time to purchase a home. Generally the market conditions will become more active as it pushes closer to Spring. April seems

Sedona homes for sale in the 4th Quartile are not staying on the market long and the seller is definitely in the driver seat!

To learn more about these market reports please visit the Learning Center or visit Market Reports on my website.

Sedona Homes For Sale 86336


*Please Note: As new listings hit the market and homes close or fall off, the number of Sedona homes for sale will fluctuate daily based on the Multiple Listing Service detail.

There are 54 Sedona homes for sale (currently) priced at $1 million and over

$700,000 to $999,999 returned 34 Sedona homes for sale 

$400,000 to $699,999 returned 51 Sedona homes for sale

$399,000 and under returned 45 Sedona homes for sale

Large Chart

Large Chart


amAZing Activities – All Winter – See What’s Happening Right Now In AriZona!

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#2 Alabama vs #1 Clemson

University of Phoenix Stadium

Glendale Arizona


Arizona Tourism

Arizona Tourism

I have no skin in the game on this one, but I do want to wish fans of both sides good luck.

I am just glad that these two champions are playing in Arizona. We have a fantastic stadium for championship football. That does not include our great weather, restaurants, night life, desert scenery AND you are only a couple of hours away from Sedona… it’s only a local call to heaven. This is why Sheri’s domain is ““! 😉

There will be at least one segment that ESPN will show Sedona’s beautiful Red Rocks – look for it right after breaks in the action. Right now the scenery has heavy snow on the peaks of the red rocks. It is a magnificent sight to see.


A Clemson Tradition

Arizona economy

As the fans travel to the games to support the Tigers they bring special money. It is a tradition that goes way back. They want to show the local economy how much support they bring when their team plays in the host city’s stadium.  So if you are doing business in Arizona don’t be surprised if you see some of these $2 bills with an orange tiger paw stamped on them.

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Red Rock Fever….Catch It!

Small sampling of other activities/events going on or coming up…

Winter 2016

 NFL Playoff Game – #2 Cardinals vs #5 Packers – Saturday Feb 16th 6:15 MST – on NBC

Tucson – Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Showcase – Jan 30 – Feb 14

Golf – Waste Management Open – Feb 1-7

Sedona Marathon – Feb 6th

Sedona International Film Festival Feb 20-28

Cactus League Baseball !! March 1st to April 2nd

Snow Bowl – Flagstaff – Ski – Snowboard

Grand Canyon

Arizona Rodeos

Arizona Ghost Towns

Boynton Canyon ~ Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye

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Boynton Canyon

I have lived most of my life in sunbelt states and really didn’t see a lot of snow. For some reason I have found that falling snow and white powder sprinkled on all the red rocks, junipers, and pine trees warms the heart. There is something serene and tranquil about it.

I recall taking this picture because it was all alone with a nice dusting and a great backdrop. I like pictures of trees! It wasn’t until today that it struck my like a bolt of lightning. I noticed that the tree was in a special shape.

We have seen many images that have been photshopped to look like something else. When you come across a picture that shows you something you did not see when you took it is rather special.

I really wanted to share this because of the season. This is the season of love and selfless acts and is forever romanticized as being uncommon if the heavens sprinkle the white flakes of powder down upon us.

So Merry Christmas, where ever you are because a

“White Christmas” starts in our heart.

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Sedona~Real-Time Market Profile~12/21/15

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 “How is the market doing?”

Sedona Real Estate City Overview

Real Time Market Profile For Week of December 21, 2015

sedona market 12-21-15

This information is for single family homes in the city of Sedona including Big Park and Village of Oak Creek. 

The data takes in all tiers.  

For Example… the top tier shows 290 Days On Market (DOM) but the bottom tier is showing 123 DOM.  This is a huge difference and shows how strong the bottom tier is compared to the rest.  However the top is 106 DOM higher than the rest of the market  which is in the Seller portion of the Market Action Index.  

That means that sellers have an advantage over the buyers. Inventory is tightening and DOM is falling. However, MAI is trending down which is not giving strong up or down signals from this data. 

See below…

Sedona market profile 12-21-15Sedona Market 12-21-15

This is a real-time index – There is an algorithm that has determined that 30 is the neutral point between a seller’s or buyer’s market. Numbers above 30 indicate a robust market and the converse is true for numbers below 30.  The line in green is hovering around 25 for the top quartile meaning the market favors the buyer.  You can see all the lines are trending down slightly.  The holiday season is in play right now. 

I have a learning module that you can visit to get more information. It is in the Learning Center of my website.  

You can access the Market Report Learning Module video here.  

Go to marker 4:07 to hear directly from Altos Reasearch about the Market Action Index

See homes $375,000 to $550,000 located in Sedona 86336

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This weekly report is provided by Altos Research. 

Desert Botanical Gardens – Las Noches de las Luminarias

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Desert Botanical Gardens 2015

During the Christmas and holiday season many local programs and events take place for our enjoyment. This is one of those events that thousands of hours of preparation went in to make it one of the most magical of the holiday season. There are actually 2 events currently going on right now at the Desert Botanical Gardens.

For one entrance fee, you can see both during the holidays. The events are the “Las Noches de las Luninarias, loosely translated into “The Night of the Lights”, and Bruce Munro is presenting “Sonoran Light”. This will be an ongoing event after the holiday season up until May 8, 2016. See more information at Desert Botanical Gardens website.

There are hundreds of miles of fiber optics laid in specific pattSedona ReMax Christmaserns that glow with different colors at different intervals. These patterns run all the say to the top of the hill. As you look at the display from below, the hill appears to be alive with color and slow dancing light that is magnificent to watch unfold.

One can only imaging how long this took to construct and how many people were needed during the creation of the exhibit.

Watch the video below to get a better idea of how beautiful the two exhibits work together to provide a night of extradinary wonderment.

We came down from Sedona, a two hour drive to see this. It was well worth the time spent to fit this in our business schedule.

Luminarias – Desert Botanical Gardens

Click on Picture For video Of This Magical Event

Desert botanical Gardens

Want Fall and Winter Color In Your Garden? – Check this Nandina out!

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Nandinas With Orange-Red Berries

Sedona Winter Color

This Nandina fall-winter bush provides all season color. But it shines in the fall and winter months.  During spring, little white flowers sprout. The berries will start to form at the top and cluster downward.  Many of the clusters will look like vineyard grape clusters as they mature.  When spring turns to summer, the leaves will be a healthy green and some will be variegated.

Everything depends on how much sunlight your Nandinas get.  If possible take into consideration the winter shadows and plant in areas that get a minimum of shade. As the summer turns to fall and temperatures drop the leaves will start to turn. If your area gets below freezing the leaves will be more red if the plant is in full sunlight.

In Sedona, we get temperatures that can dip below freezing right before sunrise and then hover in a sweater temperature zone (high 50ºs – mid 60ºs) during the day.  This produces a variety of coloration on the leaves.

For those of you that may be thinking of selling your home. This shrub adds a lot of curb appeal and is perfect for the winter months.

Visit your favorite garden website in your neck of the woods to learn more about this colorful winter plant. Different types of Nandina.

P.S. My domain name has changed to!

6 Milestones Impacting ~ I am thankful for…

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Reflection – How I got to where I am today as a ReMax Sedona Realtor is in the 5th year of operation. Most of you know me through my start up domain name  I started as a ReMax Sedona Realtor on March 28th of 2011. So this is a milestone in and of itself! As a start up real estate business, All of us go through changes and we make changes based on what we think is going to bring about success or at least trend that direction. So I have given this a lot of thought as to what has impacted my ability to be successful reaching my goals and continuing to move forward in this challenging and very competitive occupation. Maybe you will reflect on some of the same things.

1. My Health

Health is the cornerstone of my milestones. Can you imagine trying to start business later in life without having good health? I re-invented myself because I love real estate and I found this to be a vigorous and exciting job. As you probably know, it takes a lot of energy to stay up with the demands of providing a top quality performance, as my customers expect my attention to detail and that personal touch. Don’t you expect those who work with you to pay attention to your needs? Sometimes we are working 7 days a week trying to get everything done in the time frame we have allotted to us. Without our health the demands might be too much to handle.

2. I Became a Re/Max Sedona Realtor®

I knew the company I chose had to fit well with my work ethic. Also, the other Realtors had to have high ethical standards and promote a professional image in the community, as they would become my second family. I wanted to work for a broker and owner that treated me as a business owner not an employee. Also, as a customer, you want to work with a company that is professional, has got brand recognition respect and agents who are the best at what they do.

3. My Husband and Partner

 When my husband retired and we moved out of California to beautiful Sedona, Arizona, he

Sheri Sperry & Rick Sperry
was able to continue his passion for photography and website design.

I enjoy working with people and want to spend most of my time with my customers. My husband, Rick, compliments my business because we colaborate on our marketing approach. He engages social media, new marketing ideas and techniques as well as cutting edge web design, and SEO. His real estate photography is among the best photos available. This picture on the left is just one of his landscape pictures. What it does for you is it gives you the best internet experience when looking to buy or sell real estate as well as a great referral network for ideas, service personnel, restaurants, lodging, finding your way around the area and looking for things to do. Our website and social media presence was designed with you in mind.

4. Marketing and Networking

The biggest committment I made was a 2 years with a local publication.

Every week I had a quarter page ad with my picture and logo and once a month I had a half page color ad. This promoted my business in such a way that it propelled my recognition in the community. Just last week, someone said I looked familiar and I told him that I was a local realtor and he said “that’s it, I have seen you in the local paper!” I got my first luxury listing from that publication. Besides what I mentioned in number two above, I also do print in Homes and Land and Phoenix Magazine on occasion.

Networking and marketing go hand in hand. I decided to join the Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals, as it was a big committment, but a smart decision in the end. I was introduced to the very best Realtors who have the ultimate luxury market knowledge in Sedona. You benefit because I network with the top people in our industry.  In my second year, I became the president of SLREP. I also decided to spend the time becoming a Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE), another decision that I feel has made a huge impact on my ability to negotiate the best deal for you my customer. There are only three agents in Sedona that are MCNE and out of the approx. 40,000 agents across Arizona, and there are 127 agents total in the state. (these numbers will contract or expand)

I would also throw Virtual Results, Happy Grasshopper, IDX Broker along with Ixact Contact in this category. In this day and age, there is no business without a strong vibrant website and IDX system and Happy Grasshopper and Ixact Contact give me the ability to communicate with my customers in different ways without over doing it.

5. Customers ~ Family ~ Friends

ReMax Sedona Realtor

It’s All About You

Our business IS our customers. I thrive in helping my customers, educating, and staying in touch with them. Many have become my friends. There is such a satisfaction in having a customer come to me and thank me for what I did for them. Sure, the commissions are necessary to take care of my family but I go above and beyond because I care about my customers. …Just ask one!  I mean it when I say I will be there for you from the beginning throughout the transaction and beyond. I am just a phone call away for any question you have regarding any subject.

My friends and family are very special to me. When I need to dig down and reach for that extra boost of energy I think of my customers, family and friends. This helps provide the energy I need to get to the next level. Friends and family understand how busy we are and know that we will make time count when we are with them. Don’t you find that to be true about your friends and family as well?

We also have our first grandbaby coming in January or early February and are so excited to see the family grow. This is what it is truely all about!

~ ~ ~


Next year, I will be reporting on this coming change ( and how it not only improved traffic to my website but also converted that traffic to customers.

I am in the process of changing the main domain name as I write this. I believe that this will be a huge marketing bonus in 2016 and that is why my husband and I are making the change. says exactly what I do. Rick designed this site with tourists and locals in mind.  If you go to the Sedona Community under Explore Communities tab, you can scroll down to helpful links such as searching for restaurants, things to do, hotels, resorts and motels to stay at etc.. Though this site is great for tourists and locals alike, there should be no confusion going forward! The original domain will still get you to the website and that will not change.

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

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