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Does Humidity Make Us Feel Uncomfortable in Sedona ?

Sheri Sperry May 2, 2022

Sedona Weather Information

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Monsoon Weather

Final Sedona Weather for 2022 Temperature Chart Below

Final 2022 Temp Sedona Cottages


Final 2022 Precipitation Chart Below


Final for Cottages at coffeepot

Final Category for 2022 Cottagews at coffeepot


Soldiers Pass Sedona Rain Recap

monsoon downpour Cathedral Rock


Why Does Humidity Make Us Feel Uncomfortable?


AUGUST 2022 Humidity for SedonaWhile most of the country can be in stifling heat and humidity during the summer, the weather in Sedona, Arizona, is about average for this time of year during the monsoon. These 2021 temps are about average and should be similar in 2023.  It is very rare to see 107º temps.

Sedona Lacks Stifling Humidity

One big difference in all of Arizona is the lack of stifling humidity.  The human body cools when perspiration escapes the millions of pores in our skin and evaporates, causing the skin to cool (evaporative cooling). However, humidity forces the perspiration process to slow down or work harder. With all the surrounding moist air, the skin cannot cool, causing discomfort.

Humidity makes warm weather feel warmer and cold weather feel colder. Very low humidity can also be an issue for some. It may cause cracked skin and nose bleeds.

Drink Plenty of Water...

Evaporative cooling speeds up in these conditions and may cause dehydration very quickly. Drink plenty of water in dry conditions. Know the limits of your exercise and exertion, especially when outside. We can adapt well to relative humidity between 30% and 70%. Ideal conditions have a humidity level of between 50% and 60%. The average humidity in Sedona is 47.5% (year-round), but humidity is a little higher during the monsoon, as noted by the chart above. But it still falls within the comfort zone!

Beautiful Sedona monsoon sunrises

Thankful For A Full Monsoon 

Besides all the beautiful images of sunrises and sunsets with colorful and dramatic clouds, we are usually blessed with a full monsoon. In 2022 it started a little earlier than usual. Tropical storms off the Baja Coast in the Pacific Ocean in late June brought a lot of moisture to Arizona and the Southwest. Since 2010, Soldiers Pass, Sedona, received the most rain at 25.92 inches in 2018. Using that year as a gauge for our rain so far this year, we are ahead of 2018. We already have 14 inches of rain through April of  2023.  

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lightning monsoon July 2021

What Stands Out...

There were a total of 39 days of rain recorded for all of 2020.  So far in 2021, we have had 37 days through 7 months.  Last year we were right at 301 days of sunshine.  We are looking at 285 days of sunshine this year.  There are more cloudy days because of the monsoon so far this year. Overall - Sedona is a beautiful place to live every season of the year. You get seasons, but they are bearable compared to other parts of the country. So, if you are in need of thawing out, Sedona might be an option for you!

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The pool at the Cottages At Coffeepot - A Luxury Townhome Community in Soldier Pass, Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona weather June 2018 cottages at coffeepot

Outdoor Activities Thrive All Year Long In Sedona - Above...Cottages At Coffeepot

Many locations in Sedona, Arizona (and Arizona in general) have outdoor pools where you can enjoy swimming during winter. Outdoor activities, including hiking, tennis, and biking, are year-round favorites right here in Sedona! If you enjoy winter skiing and snowboarding, Snowbowl is our nearest resort is around 1 hour and 24 minutes north.

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