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Cottonwood AZ – January 2017 – Market Report & Homes for Sale

Sheri Sperry January 30, 2017

The homes in the Cottonwood area are priced more competitively than Sedona. You get more home and property for the price.  Also it is an easy drive to Sedona to enjoy the beauty of that area.

Homes For-Sale 

Cottonwood Arizona 86326

January 2017 Market Conditions


Prepared for you by Sheri Sperry ~ Sedona REALTOR®

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Cottonwood AZ January Market Reports homes for sale

Learn More About Old Town Cottonwood Arizona 86326

Cottonwood AZ 86326 – Homes ForSale

Report 1/30/17

Cottonwood AZ January 2017 Market Report and homes for saleThese are real time charts that tell us “How the market is doing”.  

See the definition of Market Action Index above. Altos Research uses a complex algorithm to provide the MAI.

Discover Cottonwood 

To analyze the Cottonwood AZ Market Report, An understanding of the city is helpful. It is about a half hour south of Sedona and located off highway 260 and the 89A.  Cottonwood is known for it’s big box shopping centers and is also known for the Verde Valley Medical Center.  There are many medical offices around the hospital that provide all the services you might need. Go to LifeInSedona.com and select Cottonwood for more information. Old Town Cottonwood has been completely renovated in the last few years.  It has the charm of the Old West and the modern flair of contemporary restaurants and boutique shopping.  One of my favorite gourmet food stores is the Verde Valley Olive Oil Traders.  You must go in there and taste the ultra fresh olive oils and balsamic vinegars they offer.  This Old Town experience is another reason that the Cottonwood, Clarkdale and Cornville areas are thriving.  Not only does this area bring tourism but the locals are fully invested in it’s success!

Characteristics By Quartile

January ’17 – Cottonwood Homes for Sale

Cottonwood AZ January Markt Report and homes for sale

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Select Link Below To See Cottonwood Single Family Homes in Each Price Range

(Top 10%) of currently listed homes starts at $675,000 for Cottonwood 

 4 homes are over $1 million – no change from September

There are 12 Cottonwood homes for sale (currently) priced at $500,000 and over – (-1)

$250,000 to $499,999 returned 51 Cottonwood homes for sale – (no change)

$175,000 to $249,999 returned 13 Cottonwood homes for sale – (-4)

$174,999 and under returned 12 Cottonwood homes for sale  (-5)

Cottonwood AZ January Market Trend Status

Median Price

The Median Price has increased from $279,450 in November to $299,900. There has been a steady increase since July 2016 in the median price. The average list price is higher than last month as well. The lowest priced home on market currently is approx. $30,000 more than last month. ($115,000 vs. $81,500)

Interactive chart below will continue to show current market information

Large Chart


When you look at the trend lines on the charts below, you will notice that Inventory was at it’s lowest level near May 2016, for all quartiles. At this time, the inventory is 10 less than last month . There continues to be 4 listings over $1 million.  Normally, inventory starts to trend upward in February. 

Interactive chart below will continue to show current market information

Large Chart

DOM – Days On Market

The Top quartile which has a median price of $549,000 – up from $525,000 is showing an average days on market at 281. It is continuing to rise as noted in the trend chart below. Overall, DOM has increased to 148 from 135 and is showing a strong upward push in 3 of the 4 quartiles. The bottom quartile has dropped from last month at 128 to 121. 

Interactive chart below will continue to show current market information

Large Chart

Market Action Index (Seller or Buyer Zone)

MAI or Market Action Index answers the question “How’s the Market?” by measuring the current rate of sale versus the amount of inventory.  Index above 30 implies a seller’s advantage.  Below 30, conditions give the advantage to the buyer.  

The Market Action Index MAI for the top tier is below 30 and may have bottomed out at 22 in July. Currently it has moved to over 29 from 26.  This has stabilized. The MAI for the 2nd quartile (median price of $358,000 is trending down while the bottom 2 quartiles are trending higher in a seller zone.

Interactive chart below will continue to show current market information

Large Chart


Seller Zone

Cottonwood is in the seller zone overall and median prices continue to show increases.   Keep your eye on the MAI . The top quartile is the only one in the buyer zone has moved close to the 30 mark. At least 3 points higher than last month.  The seller position has weakened since the summer months but is moving higher once again.


Buyers may find some relief in the top quartile.  The homes in the top range, do not compete well with the more desireable location of Sedona. This may be the reason that this zone is not moving well. There may be some deals to be had in the other 3 quartiles as well.  The median price of homes may be causing some of the flux in the other indices because of the stronger position of median price, over the last few months. The median price of homes is continuing to show stronger gains and shows no sign of weakening.

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