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Hi Cori,

Here are all the photos for you to check out.  It is much easier for you to see them on an actual website so that you can see the flow of how I laid them out.

I have numbered and labeled each image.  They should appear in the order that I label them in Dropbox and on this website. You will have to download them and then you can change the titles or the order and remove any you do not want to use. There are areas such as the backyard and the game room that I have taken several images of.

Originally, I took 80 images.  I narrowed it down to 49 to send to you.  I would probably drop 4 of the images of the garage and game room and your discretion on the kitchenette.  There is only one image in the game room/garage with all the lights on.  It changes the white balance in that picture.

You can find “Copyrights vs. Usage Rights” information at https://sperryr.com/terms-service/Copyright/.  This entire page explains how I work and why I work that way.

In a nutshell, I am granting you usage rights to the images.  Also, you can make a personal copy of these images you can keep as a scrapbook or remembrance. Please read the Copyright Information I have posted on my website at the above address because that page covers it much better than in this area.

As a standard business practice, I maintain ownership and copyright of any image I take.  It is possible that I may use any of these images as examples of my work or reference to blogging material.

The time frame for your usage rights to post these images are for the sale of your residence at 3522 Cheryl in Flagstaff. The images I will send you will not have this watermark on them. As you read the page on Copyrights, it will become very clear.  Branded images cannot be used on the MLS.

I will also send an email when I am done posting this, with the URL (link) of the address to view them.  Once the home has closed and you are no longer the owners, the usage rights are rescinded.

I do understand that these images will be posted to an MLS service and will more than likely be syndicated.

By downloading the images from Dropbox, you accept these terms.  Because this requires a lot of Dropbox storage, I will need to know once you download the images out of Dropbox so I can free up space. You can send Sheri a text.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.  I keep all my images on a hard drive so they will be available if something goes wrong.

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Single Family Home

The information about this listing is believed to be reliable but is not guaranteed. We make every effort to maintain this website to have current, accurate information. However, we cannot warrant the accuracy of this information. Virtual Staging (VS) images are marked with a VS in the top right corner. In any image marked "VS", the furnishing may be virtual, and depict a possible future outcome.

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