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5 Key Steps To Sell Your Home Fast

Sheri Sperry April 28, 2018

Want Your Home to Sell Fast?

What makes a home sell fast with buzz, excitement and lots of activity while getting quick offers and a fast sale yet others seem to simmer on the market with little activity?

You know what they say about first impressions…

There are steps you can take to bring out the best features of your home while alleviating concerns of potential buyers. Before putting your home on market, allow yourself enough time to complete the pre-marketing process.  Most activity on a new listing happens in the first couple of weeks.  This is why you want to have everything done prior to that activity to sell your home fast.

Buyers look for a well cared for home. If that is not apparent they will move on to the next home.

  • Start Out With The Right Realtor®

One of the most important parts of the equation is getting the right Realtor® to work with you. If you are reading this blog, you are on the right track. The link below may help you in your search for the “Right Realtor®”.


Top 10 Reasons To Work With the Right Realtor


  • Be Pro-Active – Fix and Repair

Take away the excuses for not buying your home.  If you know that there are repairs that need to be done, make the repairs.  Most home buyers will have a licensed Home Inspector find all the issues and repairs that need to be done. Be pro-active and get an inspector to inspect your home, so you know what to look for and what to repair.  Your Realtor® can help with that. If there are repairs that need to be done, the buyer will want these completed or they may re-negotiate the cost of the repairs. One way or another it will cost you. Remember, the buyer is basing their offer on what they see, not the hidden cost of repairs they didn’t count on.

  • Curb Appeal – Staging – Pictures – ALL Matter

If your home needs landscape or clean up, buyers will notice. It goes back to the “a well-cared for home”.  If you are unsure about the curb appeal, talk with your Realtor®.

If the home is vacant, fresh paint and a few well placed items, help to make a difference.  A neutral color palette is the safe bet and shouldn’t scare anyone away.  If you are living in the home, it should be neat and clean and you should remove or store as many pieces of furniture and other items as possible for a sparse appearance.  Personal pictures should also be removed.  The buyer wants to see the room and picture themselves in it … not you!

It is always best to have a skilled or professional photographer take pictures of your home. Make sure your Realtor® provides this service and look at prior listing pictures to see the standard they use.  One flaw, or common mistake is taking the main picture of the house, from the street. Sometimes that is not the entrance to the home and it may not even be the best outdoor feature.  Highlight the outdoor feature.  If the outdoor picture does not work, use the picture that provides the best indoor feature.


Sedona seller information
Example of what NOT to use as a main picture. Taken from the street.

Sedona homes for sale
This is the main entrance to the home.

A professional photographer knows how to use lighting and clouds to bring out the best in your property.

Which”First Impression” below, would you want buyers to have?



  • Price Your Home For Sale – So It Will Sell

Again, your Realtor® can help you with this. Let them do their job.  A competent Realtor® will ask to see all the details in your home prior to suggesting a sales price.  Your Realtor® should do comparisons of the home inventory available as well as a comparison of the features your home offers along with square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, age and style among other factors.  They will compare this to what has recently sold, trends in the market, and what is available in a certain radius to your home. Price per square foot will also be a factor in determining the optimum sales price of your home.

Home owners tend to price their own home higher than the market may bare. Listen to your Realtor®. Remember, the highest activity is the first couple of weeks the home is on the market.  You want to take advantage of that activity.  Other buyers and their agents are also doing their own comparisons.  Don’t take your home out of the running because it is priced too high. Like any statistical analysis, there is a mid range that will create the most “buzz” or activity.  This is where you are likely to find a buyer.

  • What Affects Your Home’s Value?

It is the buyer who determines the value of your home. The value of your home is what a buyer is willing to pay based on what is happening in the Sedona market today and then comparing it to other similar homes in the same market.

Nothing else determines the value. These 3 conditions do not determine value to the buyer…

  1. It isn’t what you paid for it.
  2. How much money you put into it.
  3. How much money you want or need to get out of the home.

If you can get past these three conditions, you will get back to pricing your home (point above) so it will sell!

  • Have A Marketing Plan To Create Pre-Marketing Buzz

Let people know that you are putting your house on the market.  Neighbors are a good source of buyer leads. They know if their friends are looking and may know the perfect people for your home. Your Realtor® who should have a strong network of contacts, will bring in others prior to releasing the home into the market. They may know of a person looking for this kind of home or another agent who may have a potential buyer.  They will also let you know if something was overlooked prior to publishing the listing on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

Watch the activity closely in the first couple of weeks.  If you have determined that something is not on point, adjust your marketing or pricing strategy. As always, if you have any questions on your strategy to sell your home quick, feel free to contact me for advice. I am happy to help you!

Contact Sheri – Not Convinced – Call me and give me an opportunity to answer your questions and concerns!

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