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Sheri Sperry and the Sedona Lifestyle - Sheri's Corner

About Sheri Sperry

Imagine the Sedona Lifestyle… My name is Sheri Sperry. This is “Sheri’s Corner” and the Sedona Lifestyle. I grew up the oldest of five siblings, with three brothers and one sister. To this day, we are all still very close. I always felt I was a mid-westerner at heart. After all, I have roots there.  But I had the opportunity to spend some of my formative years growing up in Houston, Texas.  I can remember the devastation that Hurricane Carla brought with it. The floodwaters came up to the steps of our home, and we were without power for some time. But what I remember most is the people.  People from the mid-west and Texas, where I grew up, are naturally warm and generous. Most of my teenage years and adult life were spent in Southern California. I was married in 1972 and became Sheri Sperry.  Little did I realize back then that my name would benefit me in my sales career. It flows well and is easy to remember!  I worked and raised my family, two rambunctious boys,  in the Inland Empire until we decided to pick up roots and move to Sedona, Arizona.  We wanted to enjoy the Sedona lifestyle

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The blog was written at Thanksgiving in 2015 and was recently updated. It gives more perspective into me and my love for Sedona real estate and how I help you.


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The Sedona Lifestyle

Sedona maintains a year-round population of approx. Ten thousand people, but we have between 2 to 4 million visitors annually.  Even with our tourism, Sedona maintains a small-town atmosphere. This is part of the Sedona lifestyle.  We couldn’t be happier living here in Sedona!  Rick and I feel we have it all living in Sedona. There are the utter beauty and majesty of the surrounding red rock landscape and a mild four-season climate. This allows us to enjoy outdoor activities all year long. You name it, and we have it. You can’t say that for all locations. Some outdoor activities include hiking, biking, walking, rock climbing, golf, tennis, swimming, fishing, birding, jeeping, kayaking, and Plein air painting. One of my passions is getting outdoors and gardening. Our climate allows me to spend my free time enjoying this passion of mine all year long.

Tristan 1st Plane Ride5-star resorts, restaurants, art galleries, and cultural events exist. Sedona and the Verde Valley are steeped in Western and Native American history. It is all around us. What could be better than living the Sedona lifestyle and Sedona dream? We live in beauty. Many of us consider it majestic! See more Sedona and the Verde Valley photos at the Sedona Photo Gallery.

My husband and I have owned our own home since we were 20 years old. Ever since then, real estate has been part of the fabric of our lives.  We have sold many of our own homes. I have experience in property management, and we have invested in commercial real estate ventures and LLCs. For fun, we would go to new home developments all across Southern California and now Arizona as well to see the latest trends, design features, and new areas being developed. To this day, we still enjoy doing this!

Rick and I have been very blessed to have had an opportunity to travel abroad and see 22 countries. Now that I am enjoying real estate to the fullest, As noted above, I appreciate gardening and spending time with friends and family.  On Super Bowl Sunday 2016, we had a new addition to our family, and my grandson Tristan has reinvigorated my life! Occasionally, I pick up a home decorating or gardening magazine to stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

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Working in Sedona real estate is our passion!

What Makes Me Different & Better?

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Vigilance to bridge every challenge for a creative and satisfying solution…

Whether a customer is looking to buy or sell property, I want to make sure the real estate experience is a smooth and pleasant undertaking.  It is my intention to ensure that there is a transparent process in place so that the endeavor goes without a hitch.  I will be vigilant in my effort to bridge every challenge and creatively structure a solution that brings a satisfying offer to fruition for both the buyer and the seller. I have every intention of providing a client with “White Glove” service.


My ultimate goal is two-fold:

1) Establishing the trust of my client is my primary concern.  Integrity, honesty, genuine respect, and open dialogue plus my principle of strong ethical behavior will help establish a solid relationship with my client as well as my team members and other associates.

2) I want to leave my client feeling that I have done everything possible to help them realize their dream and exceed expectations.


World Class Service - Sheri Sperry


Providing World Class Service - White Glove Service 5 Star Service - Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty




– Follow up promptly on issues or client requests

– View each undertaking as an opportunity to learn

– Use every option to bridge a challenge creatively

– Anticipate potential issues by developing strategies beforehand

– Accomplish all projects and tasks efficiently, focusing on your needs

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Thank You for joining me in “Sheri’s Corner” and letting me tell my story and bring you a snippet of the Sedona Lifestyle. Please call me if you have any questions about anything pertaining to me, Sedona real estate, or Sedona in general. I will be happy to take the time to give you the information you need. There is never any obligation on your part other than picking up the phone!  

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Thank You again…Sheri Sperry