Rimrock “Dude” Ranch Bi-Plane

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Rimrock Dude Ranch 1920'sDuring the 1920s and 1930s, the Rimrock airstrip was established to bring people into the “Dude” ranch. It is the oldest landing strip in the state that is still in use today. Russell Boardman and Romaine Lowdermilk owned and operated the Rimrock Ranch. It was well known for its dude accommodations and cattle.

What is the name of the community? Is it Rimrock, Lake Montezuma, McGuireville, or Beaver Creek? The community was originally known as Beaver Creek because of the large number of beavers that lined the creek. The Verde Valley, especially this area, was populated with farmers and ranchers. In 1910, Eugene McGuire settled near the junction of Dry and Wet Beaver Creeks. It was also near the historic road which split there. One route going south to Camp Verde and connecting with Cherry on the Prescott and another going to Cornville into Cottonwood and Jerome. Many businesses formed at this intersection. This is how McGuireville started.

Midge Montgomery set up the original Beaver Creek Store in 1931. In 1926, Virginia Finnie started the famous Rimrock Guest Ranch. This is how the area became known as Rimrock. There were prominent limestone rocks lining the edge of the mesa that could be seen for miles. Lake Montezuma got the name when the Black Canyon Highway was built north from Phoenix to the area. One of the largest ranches was turned into a subdivision and a pond was dug and filled with water and Lake Montezuma was named after the National Monument up the road! So using any of the designations above describe the general area. More information can be found at wikipedia.org.

source: wikipedia.org


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