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Duality of Work Life Balance…Discover More About Sheri Sperry

Sheri Sperry October 20, 2021

Yin & Yang

The Duality of Work-Life Balance


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Without getting too far into the weeds, yin and yang describe the harmonious and interdependent nature of forces. Good versus evil or light versus darkness can be forces of yin and yang.  In the same thought, work-life balance fits that same interdependent nature. It is up to us to create harmony that balances the push versus pull. 

 The Struggle

As an empty-nester, I don’t have to struggle as I did many years ago when our children were growing up. However, I still have a grandson, Tristan, that my husband and I watch on Sundays. So, there may be a little struggle from my inability to let loose of this little one to get anything done when I am at home. It is frustrating but a happy frustration!

The Issues

Tristan & NanaI want to spend all my time with Tristan, but clients call, houses must be shown, and questions must be answered. Contracts and paperwork need to be done timely. These are just some of the issues I still deal with.  My son and former daughter-in-law are fortunate to have us living so close to them. I do believe they are very appreciative, but it still creates that work/life struggle for balance.

On the other hand, I also realize how blessed I am that we live so close that we can watch Tristan grow up. We recognize and are thankful for this. So,  I am happy to have this yin and yang of sorts! 

The Strategies

As most real estate agents and brokers know, things change on a dime. A free day can become a completely full day in a matter of a few phone calls or emails!

When You Love What You Do Is It Work? 

Amalfi CoastI worked 34 years before taking time off in 2001. Now, I consider that 34 years of work. I was off from 2001 to 2011 and enjoyed doing anything I wanted to do. I even had a personal trainer! My husband and I traveled to many countries. Many were bucket-list destinations. So my “balance” was all “life-oriented” during that time. To this day, I feel delighted with all that I could accomplish. …No regrets and nothing but beautiful memories.

The Real Estate Bug

However, as I have stated before, I have been involved in real estate since I was 19 years Tristan Sheri Rickold. The bug never left me. In 2011, I finally made the decision to get my real estate license in Arizona. My husband and I made this decision together, knowing full well we would have to put our hearts and souls into this to make it work. We were both excited about the anticipation and the challenge. We felt we were natural for this. Why not? We had been preparing our whole lives for this challenge. We owned our own home when we were 20 years old and sold many of our homes without any formal help. Many of those homes were sold during crazy California markets over the years.

Balance Through Teamwork

My husband and I work as a team. I am the Sedona REALTOR®, and Rick helps with the marketing, photography, and other tasks I may need help with. My needs determine Rick’s schedule. We work together to ensure the client gets the best service possible. We schedule a time for ourselves when we can. If it has to change, we don’t have any issue with it. We know we will get our balance when we need it. After all, I do not consider our Sedona real estate business as work. It is our passion and a huge part of our life balance.

Yin and yang – The push and pull are only out of balance if you feel it is out of balance!

As a Coldwell Banker Sedona Arizona REALTOR®, my primary goal is to help my clients obtain their dreams and satisfy their financial goals and objectives through real estate. From the moment I am contacted, you will observe my seasoned ability to provide you with “World Class Service” and that “personal touch” while utilizing a complete package of technology options that are of the utmost importance and so critical in today’s market.

I will tailor real solutions to fit your specific needs. – Sheri Sperry – YOUR Solutions REALTOR®

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