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5 Topics To Consider For Snowbirds Migrating To Sedona AZ

Sheri Sperry September 5, 2020

Snowbirds - For most potential home buyers around the country, the season to buy a home is behind them.  Their kids are settling into regular or online school and they are preparing for the holiday season.  People are starting to think about buying presents, potential family gatherings, .... but they are not usually thinking about buying a home.  Most of us in the real estate business realize that for buyers, this is a great time to buy a home.  The demand is not as great so it puts the buyer in a great position to make a better deal. BUT this is the story for another blogpost!.......

Let's Talk About Snowbirds...

What to do in Sedona AZ   Here in the Southwest, it is a different story.  The Snowbirds are already starting their migration to the warm climate areas.  Phoenix and Tucson are big draws but just about anywhere you will find a vacation motor home and trailer park, you will see the spots filling up with Snowbirds. Most of the Snowbirds come from the cold climate zones in the midwest or Canada.  Some of these snowbirds come to Sedona as well!  Even if they aren't staying here for the winter, they make it a point to check it out and spend some time here.  Times-shares are a popular option to see the red rocks and do some hiking.

Snowbirds - Other Things You Should Consider...

1. Rental or Hotel Cost & Availability Spring Training, baseball's Cactus League, has changed the entire dynamics of the Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area. Hotels are double or triple the "summer rates" from February through April and May.  So, book early! For those who come back for months at a time, you may want to consider renting well in advance or buying a second home or condo that can be rented out when you are not here.  In Sedona, rentals are hard to come by during the Fall, Winter, and Spring;  even during the summer months, rentals are sparse.  So buying an income property that you could use might make sense.  Of course, I can help with all your real estate questions and needs! 

2. Closing Up Your Home

Don't forget simple things like your utility bills and mail.  Fortunately, most tasks and bills can be paid by credit card or online.  But you may have to decide what to do with your mail. Do you want to forward it? Or do you have someone to look over your home when you are gone?  Do you live in an area that has a freezing climate which may require winterizing pipes and sprinkler systems?  Does your home need a minimum amount of heat supplied while you are gone? What about turning off the water? Make sure you turn off your water heater if you are going to turn off your water.  Your water heater could burn up if there is no water inside.  

I would not personally turn off my water to the house. I have a water recirculating system that keeps the water flowing back to the water heater. I set it to a minimum amount.  I will turn off the water to the washing machine to prevent flooding if a hose fails. I also have stainless steel reinforced hoses to prevent failure as well.

Unplug all unnecessary appliances.  These appliances can have a slight drain that will add up over time. Include your TV and computers, but don't unplug your refrigerator!

3. Adjust Your Insurance and Other Services

If you are going to leave a car home and not use it for 6 months, call your insurance and let them know the car is in storage.  This could be a huge saving for you.  Most other services such as garbage, newspaper, the cable may have vacation settings that keep charges low while not in use. Again, I personally do not recommend disconnecting these services.  The inconvenience of re-connecting the services and the fees, to me, is just not worth it. 

4. Don't Forget About Your Pets

Make a decision on whether they are going to come with you or stay with friends or family.  Pet sitters can be very expensive over time.  Remember that areas like Sedona have wildlife that runs free.  Coyotes will look for cats and dogs.  We also have Javelina, deer, and you may see an occasional bobcat. Do your homework and check for the wildlife in your area.  Personally we have had all types of animals around our home and never worried about any interaction... but we also don't let our cat outside! If you own a dog, make sure you have your fur baby on a leash when you walk with them.  

5. Your House Should Look Lived In

Have some lights on timers. It is a good idea to get a neighbor to watch your house.  Have an easy way for them to get in touch with you.  I watch both my neighbors when they leave for long vacations. 

Ask Any Sedona Snowbird - The Early Snowbird Catches The Gnat!

See More Images at RickSperry.com and RedRocksFever.com

Once those Snowbirds come to roost, they start exploring the area.  Many enjoy hiking or tennis.  Others play a few rounds of golf.  They spend some time in the art galleries.  They may even get sidetracked and take a trip to Jerome or Main Street Cottonwood or if they are feeling adventurous, the Grand Canyon or Lake Powell may be a destination. BUT, there is a well-known malady called Red Rocks Fever  --> (video) that many of these snowbirds seem to get.  The only cure for Red Rocks Fever is spending more time around the red rocks!  So buying Sedona real estate becomes an option.  It may not cure your Red Rocks Fever, but it does offer a panacea to alleviate the anxiety when you have to leave the proximity of those majestic red rocks!  

The Sun Shines Close to 300 Days A Year!

The southwest offers great weather options. In Sedona, we get all four seasons but it is normally sweater weather in late fall and winter.  Very few days does it get cold enough to bundle up.  We get the pretty white stuff but it melts the next day. For example, only 3 days in the last 9 years have had a below-freezing temperature for the entire day.  This means that once the sun comes up, or right after a snowfall, snow immediately starts to thaw or melt.  Normally, it evaporates because there is very little humidity or moisture in the air.

Sedona Freak November snowstorm 2019 - courtesy of Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty

  For Sedona weather go to Sedona-Weather.com and scroll to the "Weather Statistics for 2011 to 2020" comparison tab to see all the stats by month and year from 2011.  The chart below is the FINAL from 2019 so it is a complete year of information, but on the website, you can see all the current stats for each month in 2020 and beyond. There are also weather blogs with videos and images, as well as weather summaries by season from 2014 to the current season.  

This Chart (below) is One Example of the Stats on Sedona-Weather.com

2019 Sedona Weather Summary courtesy of Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty

  Some more pics......

A Residential Street in West Sedona

Fall Color Sedona  

Broken Arrow Trail - Pink Jeep maintains the trail for all to use...


Sunrise From My Backyard - Do you have Red Rock Fever yet?

Sedona Real Estate  

Oak Creek Canyon up near West Fork Trail - super busy now through the end of November with less parking on 89A for your safety


Golf - All Year - A Snowbird's Delight!


Yes!  We have fishing...This is Oak Creek Canyon - Fly Fishing


Jordan Park Trail 


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