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Clarkdale Arizona Homes For-Sale ~ Real Time Market Report and Other Info!

Sheri Sperry April 10, 2024

Clarkdale Arizona

Homes For Sale 



Continuous Real-Time Market Report

Courtesy of Sheri Sperry

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Clarkdale Verde Canyon Railroad

Verde Canyon Railroad (link)



Clarkdale homes for sale 505 Miners Gulch

Clarkdale Arizona Homes For Sale 86324

Yavapai  County 

Clarkdale Arizona Homes For-Sale 2019 and continuous weekly real-time market report covers all the areas in Clarkdale, Arizona 86324. The map below shows the boundaries of this area. The 2010 Census reported the population at 4,097. In 2017 the population estimate was 4,197.

This link will take you to TripAdvisor and has a view of the United Verde Copper Company - Historic Marker Looking Toward Smelter in Clarkdale homes for sale 2019

Clarkdale - Arizona 86324

Historic Company Town Established in 1912

  Clarkdale homes for sale 2019 Clarkdale Arizona homes for sale is part of a historic company town founded by William A. Clark, who was the owner of one of Jerome Arizona's largest copper mines. In fact, the area around Jerome was one of the largest producers of copper for the state of Arizona and the USA in its heyday. If you buy a home for sale in Clarkdale Arizona, you would be an owner of a home in the first planned community in the State of Arizona!  This township was owned by the United Verde Copper Company. The company provided services and housing for the employees of the nearby smelter. Mining operations ceased in 1953 and the town was incorporated in 1957. The original township is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places as the Clarkdale Historic District.  

Historic Bungalow clarkdale-arizona-homes-for-sale-2019 Historic Bungalow Clarkdale homes for sale 2019

The bungalows in the historic downtown district are a testament to the town owner William Clark and his vision. Take a drive down some of the streets to see the well-kept bungalows from another era. Many Clarkdale residents enjoy close proximity to Cottonwood's Verde Valley Medical Center and large shopping centers. There is a Super-Walmart, Home Depot, and a Fry's shopping center. The Verde Valley Medical Center is part of Northern Arizona Healthcare. There are many medical and professional services nearby that help support the medical center. Many healthcare professionals live within 15 minutes of the medical center.

Historic Downtown Business District

Well over $1.5 million has been invested into the downtown district to help keep the district prospering. The downtown area delivers a little of everything such as restaurants, a service station, art galleries, a tavern, light manufacturing, and several internet-based businesses. (clarkdale.az.gov)
 It should be noted that in addition to Clarkdale,  Cornville ~~ Page Springs ~~ Verde Santa Fe are all bedroom communities of Sedona 86336 and Cottonwood.

Clarkdale Wine Country



Chateau Tumbleweed Winery and Tasting Room - Clarkdale

Learn more about Verde Valley Wineries at

Verde Valley Wine Consortium 

Clarkdale Arizona has one Winery and Tasting Room but is only minutes from Cottonwood which has many vineyards and tasting rooms to enjoy local wines. Wine tasting has become a popular past-time in the Verde Valley. You can find wine tours that will bring you to these vineyards. Fifteen years ago, there were only two or three tasting rooms in the entire valley with a small number of vineyard grapevines.  Additional wine grapes had to be brought into the local wineries to complete the bottling process.

Here are the wineries and tasting rooms in Cottonwood:

~ ~ ~

Page Springs straddles Oak Creek.  This community sits on the east side of Oak Creek and is famous for its Northern Arizona wineries. It is about 15 minutes from Clarkdale.

Here are the wineries and tasting rooms in Page Springs:

~ ~ ~

Clarkdale Has Low Humidity and a Desert Feel

clarkdale-arizona-homes-for-sale-2019 and weather

Clarkdale is an area that is considered a semi-arid climate zone. This is similar to Sedona 86336 and the rest of the Verde Valley. This area is a little warmer than Sedona.  It is about 1:15 hours north of the Sonoran Desert and about 50 minutes from the southern border of the Colorado Plateau.  Humidity is not a factor in personal comfort. Warmer and colder weather is less noticeable because of the lack of humidity. Another reason why staying hydrated is so important. Basically, an individual can tolerate much warmer and colder temperatures because humidity does not play a part. You can get detailed statistics at Weatherspark.com. For more information on Sedona weather go to Sedona-Weather.com. Like Sedona, there is a mix of desert flora. The elevation of Cottonwood is about 3,455ft. The area within 2 miles of Cottonwood is covered by shrubs (83%), cropland (14%), and trees (12%), based on info at weatherspark.com.  

Sight-Seeing and Recreation Abound in the Verde Valley

clarkdale-arizona-homes-for-sale-2019-Verde Valley River Kayaking

Verde River Kayaking (select link)

More Things To Do In Clarkdale

Verde Canyon Railroad is a must-see attraction. There is a year-round nest of bald eagles.

Learn more here

clarkdale-arizona-homes-for-sale-2019-Verde Canyon Railroad

Other Attractions and Things to Do in and around Clarkdale Arizona

Tuzigoot National Monument 

Tuzigoot is Apache for “crooked water” from nearby Peck’s Lake which is a cutoff meander of the Verde River. A two-story pueblo ruin was excavated in 1933-35 by Caywood & Spicer of U of A. President Roosevelt declared Tuzigoot Ruins as a National Monument. Here are a couple of more National Monuments, Montezuma Castle and Well, Here is a link for other things to do in Clarkdale Arizona.  Also, remember it is about 15-20 minutes to the historic mining town of Jerome which is now an Art community with many restaurants and storefronts.  

Find Trails 

Want to find trails that fit your needs in Red Rock Country, this site, Sedona Red Rock Trails will provide information and an interactive map on:

~ Hiking ~ Biking ~ Horseback ~ Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV)


Visit the Yavapai College Verde Valley Campus Clarkdaleclarkdale-arizona-homes-for-sale-2019 - Yavapai College Verde Valley Campus Clarkdale

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