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Desert Botanical Gardens – Las Noches de las Luminarias

Sheri Sperry December 16, 2017

Desert Botanical Gardens 2015

During the Christmas and holiday season many local programs and events take place for our enjoyment. This is one of those events that thousands of hours of preparation went in to make it one of the most magical of the holiday season. There are actually 2 events currently going on right now at the Desert Botanical Gardens.

For one entrance fee, you can see both during the holidays. The events are the “Las Noches de las Luninarias, loosely translated into “The Night of the Lights”, and Bruce Munro is presenting “Sonoran Light”. This will be an ongoing event after the holiday season up until May 8, 2016. See more information at Desert Botanical Gardens website.

Sedona Coldwell Banker Christmas                                                                               There are hundreds of miles of fiber optics laid in specific patterns that glow with different colors at different intervals. These patterns run all the say to the top of the hill. As you look at the display from below, the hill appears to be alive with color and slow dancing light that is magnificent to watch unfold.

One can only imaging how long this took to construct and how many people were needed during the creation of the exhibit.

Watch the video below to get a better idea of how beautiful the two exhibits work together to provide a night of extradinary wonderment.

We came down from Sedona, a two hour drive to see this. It was well worth the time spent to fit this in our business schedule.

Luminarias – Desert Botanical Gardens

Click on Picture For video Of This Magical Event

Desert botanical Gardens



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