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Sedona Fall Color – Two Not So Secret Hiking Locations! Flagstaff – Aspens and Sedona – West Fork

Sheri Sperry September 24, 2018

fall color - Western Hills - first listing - 11-20-11

Above – Signature tree at my first listing November 2011! I took this as a sign of good things to come…


Fall Color In Sedona Is Beautiful

….and It Is Finally Here!

Fall color in Soldiers Pass Cottages At Coffeepot


Fall color….I love all the seasons in Sedona, but fall is special to me.  This season is much shorter than spring but the number of people who visit Sedona in the fall is comparible. Great weather, lots of color, crisp mornings help to enthusiastically bring in fall. 

Tourist Season

fall color Aspens - Flagstaff Sheri Sperry

Aspens – Flagstaff Snowbowl

The fall Sedona tourist season starts around the last week of September and goes through Thanksgiving.  Of course, the Christmas season is supported by the “Valley of the Sun”. Last year was a good example of a “Hallmark” experience! Many people like to go to Flagstaff to see the Aspens and then they come to Sedona for a meal. The above pic was taken Oct 2, 2017. It won’t be long now! Flagstaff sits at 7000 to 7500 feet, so fall color will start soon. Temps hover around 70º in late September. 

Sedona West Fork Color Arrives Late October Into November 

fall color - West Fork Trail - Sedona Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker\


West Fork Trail

The hiking trails are also very crowded.  West Fork in Oak Creek Canyon sits about 5300 to 5660 feet and is the most popular area during this time. You can spend more time on the trails because the weather is milder than summer and generally you don’t have to worry about monsoon. West Fork trail follows Oak Creek and has towering red rock walls throughout. Various foilage will be in different stages of fall color. Expect heavy traffic (foot and car). Get to the parking area before 8 am.  

Spring Season Lasts about 5 – 6 Months 

Our spring tourist season starts in January, builds through the Cactus League baseball in February and goes through 4th of July weekend.  Tourism is lighter about 2 months a year scattered between mid July through August and part of December and a couple of weeks in January. 

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