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During This Sedona Holiday Season – It’s All About Gratitude….

Sheri Sperry November 29, 2014

The Sedona Formula

The Change of Seasons 

Ahh Sedona! Coming from Southern California where the leaves turn brown during November and either blow off the trees, we never really experienced the change of seasons. Warm Santa Ana winds would let you know November was upon us.

Sedona is in a different climate zone, offering a distinct change of seasons.  My family has been enjoying this Thanksgiving celebration for over a decade now in this beautiful area we call home. I am grateful to have them here. It gives me a chance to let them know how much I appreciate them every day.  But it does not stop there.

Home – Community – Customers



My family is deeply involved in the real estate business.  My husband Rick, colaborates with me on marketing decisions, provides our customers with beautiful pictures of their listings and has created my websites and customer listing websites, as well as our internet presence over the years. He volunteered for 2 years as a site council community representative at our Red Rock High School.


My son, Ricky, helps me and my customers with small maintenance jobs to prepare properties for listing.  My daughter-in-law, Samantha, found herself a job as a receptionist… at my office! Also, Ricky & Samantha volunteer at our local Humane Society.  I have volunteered at our Senior Center serving meals and occassionally filling in as a driver for Meals-On-Wheels.


As for my business,  I am grateful for every buyer and seller who decides they want to work with me.  What that customer does not know is that they become an extension of my family. I will do for them, what others may not.  It is most noticeable with clients who have homes or live in other areas of the country.

Examples of Gratitude

A case in point of a complimentary service for a buyer might be to take pictures of their home while it is being built.  Going out and previewing homes or home sites and taking additional pictures of areas that may not be presented on the MLS. Straight-forward talk on good and not-so-good points of homes a buyer may be looking at.

For those who list with me,  besides offering at no additional charge, premium and luxury services that others will charge for, I watch over absentee owners homes.  I make sure the home is always presentable inside and out.  If that means sweeping a front entrance or changing flowers or a light bulb, I don’t bother the seller with those issues.  I check each listing regularly. When there is a maintenance issue, I will inform the seller and help with scheduling and supervising services.  We also change out pictures as the seasons change or staging and landscaping change. Everything we do is part of the service I offer.

At Closing…

I show my personal gratitude to my family and my customers in a very personalized way once the property closes.  While working with my customers, I listen to what is important to them and I tailor my gratitude to them.  I have picked up staging and moving costs or took care of minor home repair costs etc.. When out-of town buyers come in from thier travel, they have been surprised with a bottle of champagne and gift basket or beautiful house warming gift.

Just a little thank you.  My family and customers mean the world to me and I want them to know that I appreicate their confidence and trust in me.

As For My Goals…

I think I have stated my goals very well on my website at Sheri’s Corner. Something that I started mid year is a monthly newsletter and also a fun newsletter that keeps me in front of my customers. Because of the appreciation I show towards my clients,  referrals are an important part of my business.

I have two business goals tied to Word Class Service with my customers. Close one deal a month (12/year) while making the 100% Club at Re/Max every year.  My personal goals include spending more quality time with my family through special dinners and celebrations along with mini get-aways.

In the Sedona Formula, gratitude is tied to family, friends, work associates and customers alike.  It is a life commitment that takes priority every day of the year but we want to emphasize this positive approach especially during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays!


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