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Are You Setting Intentions and Goals Using the New Moon Cycle?

Sheri Sperry July 14, 2020

Bill Worrell "Voice of Wisdom" sold out

Top Picture - "Voice of Wisdom" Sold Out by Bill Worrell

Setting Goals and Intentions

New Moon Cycle - Most successful people spend time every year to develop a strategy to move forward in the new year. This high-level design is used to form quarterly goals which help us to establish our monthly, weekly, and daily action plan. 

Calendar & Smart Phone

Some people use a calendar or their smartphone to set up a monthly plan. Sample Calendar I place my plan on a calendar on my desktop and print out a daily calendar every morning.


Clipboard & Pen

The rest of the day, I use a clipboard and make a record of everything I do. The clipboard goes everywhere with me. When a client calls, the info goes on the calendar for follow up. At the end of the month, I scan all of these dailies and place them in a tax folder for my records. 

The New Moon 

The Next New Moon is July 20th at 10:33 am MST ~ 1:33 pm EDT

New Moon!


Most people set their monthly goals based on the start of the month. For me, I have found that using the cycle of the new moon works best for me. 


Full Moon Pull

I have always had issues trying to sleep during the pull of the full moon so I decided to work with the sequence of the moon's phases. 

Energy Waves

Every day, we go through a wave of energy ups and downs.  For some of us, we work better during the morning hours, others work better during mid-day or evening. What I am trying to do is tap into my best energy cycle. 


To tap into the strength of the cycle, the meditation and manifestation of my goals and intentions need to be completed within 48 hours. Here are the basics I employ:

  • Create a space free from clutter. 
  • Have a vision board available to tap into images that help clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on your most important goals. 
  • Clear your space with sage.  Maybe, light a scented candle. 
  • Meditate to clear all thoughts.
  • Review last month's goals - Are adjustments needed to the goals? Did you make progress? 
  • Remember to be grateful and thankful for completed goals and progress in a goal or intention.
  • Write your new list of monthly goals and intentions.
  • Meditate on each item in the list - Think of how you are going to accomplish each item and what it is going to bring.  I believe in the "Law of Attraction".  If you are unfamiliar with the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, you might want to check it out. Thirty-million copies )and counting) have been sold worldwide. I first saw the DVD of the same name. Some of you may not even realize that you are putting your positive intentions out there.  For years, I did not realize that I was doing this. 

Feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled - Wayne Dyer

The Reward

There is a feeling of gratitude as I go through this process. As I read the previous month's goals and thoughtful intentions, I  feel a weight being lifted that helps me move forward. I thank the powers to be for helping me achieve my goals and giving me clarity on how to proceed. It is a powerful way to feel gratitude for my accomplishments with the satisfaction of knowing I am moving forward to the next step.    I started this process in September of 2017 and it is remarkable how it has helped me move forward in my Sedona real estate business and my personal life.  I am truly thankful for starting this process and how it makes me feel after I complete it. 

Sedona Petroglyphs

Sedona Petroglyphs 

 About Bill Worell

Hear in his own words how he started on his artistic quest on the Pecos River in Texas.

 Find More About Bill Worell

 The images on this blog depict Shamans.  This religious practice goes back millennia in some form or another. The Southwest is influenced primarily by Native-American Practices.  Learn more about Shamanism.

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I leave you with this final quote... (Lille Vaihere)

Behind you...   All your memories

Before you...   All your dreams

Around you...   All who love you

Within you...    All you need

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