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Road Trip! Sedona Golf Resort to Payson ~ Rim Country

Sheri Sperry May 5, 2018

Sedona Golf Resort to Payson – Rim Country

Starting at the Sedona Golf Resort in Village of Oak Creek, we headed to Payson, which is located above 7000 feet in (Mogollon~ pronounced Mõe-gee-on) Rim Country.  To get there you climb from the Verde Valley AZ-260 off the I-17. As you climb past 6500 feet the beautiful rolling hills turn into a pine tree forest.  The temps were in the high 70ºs and very pleasent.

The trip to Payson is about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Sedona.   We had no particular destination in mind. We thought we would just get to know our state a little better.  Just about every town has a “Main St.” so we plugged that into the trip computer and off we headed!

Village of Oak Creek Golf course

So our first stop was in the Village of Oak Creek .  I wanted to preview a couple of Sedona Golf Resort homes right on the golf course for clients.  Right behind the Hilton is this signature hole and we had to snap a picture! It was a beautiful day for a golf outing and many were taking advantage of the great weather.

Sedona Golf Resort

The GPS coordinates led us right to Main Street Payson AZ.  We just had to get a picture of this historic Oxbow Saloon.  This saloon is “certified” for having paranormal activity according to oxbowinn.com.

Actually, the first thing I noticed was the “For Sale” sign.  (What would you expect from a Realtor!)  Now … I am not quite sure who would want to spend the money to buy a huanted saloon!  LOL! I bet you can get a scary deal!

We drove further down main Stree and it came right into this town lake next to the Payson Golf Course.  Many families were enjoying the area and having picnics.  One couple was on a road trip also.  They were coming from Globe – trying to beat the heat!

This was a beautiful shade tree hanging right over the lake.in Green Valley Park  There were a few ducks gathering around it.

In the distance there is a fountain (center). There was another fountain close to a dock.  They provided a little ambience. You could here the water falling back to the lake. It was very relaxing.

Village of Oak Creek to Payson

Sidles Mud House

This property is located right across the street from the Sidles Mud House.

Arizona Payson

On our way into town,  I saw a little coffee shack, so on our way back we stopped for a cup of coffee.  To my surprise they also had home-made fudge. It melted in your mouth.  I got 3 different kinds of fudge.  My husband put some in the freezer in small chunks and is still enjoying his fudge with carmel chunks and sea salt crystals.  YUM!

These next few pictures were taken on the way home. We were going to stop at the Tonto natural Bridge but thougth better of it.  We will save it for another trip.

We did spy on this creek that many kids were enjoying.  It was only about 18 inches deep but refreshing in the summer heat.  The red rocks caught my eye and we decided to stop and check it out.

 The pictures with the century plants were around 6000 foot level and century plants were everywhere in different stages of blooming.  They have another week or two before they start to wither.

It was a fun trip and good to get away.  More road trips to follow!

Northern Arizona

The pond down below is a watering hole for horses, cows and other animals.

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