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Sedona Homes For Sale – What Matters In Today’s Market?

Sheri Sperry December 8, 2014

When listing your Sedona home for sale, what really matters?

Sellers take notice.  There are a lot of factors that come into play when you are putting your Sedona home up for sale.  We can talk about decluttering your home and what kind of curb appeal does the home have. There is location, location, location!  The flow of the home is also a consideration as well as how up-to-date it is.  Of course, I would be remiss in not stating the obvious, inventory and how hot the market is – also a factor. All these are important considerations when you sell your home in Sedona or anywhere else.

Pricing – Images, Staging and Syndication

(Left is before picture)

I would argue that even with the proper pricing which should be influenced by much of what is in the first paragraph, your on-line presence is a huge factor in how much traffic your home will receive both figuratively and literally.

Sedona Homes for sale
















(Right is after picture)

Great images are a must if you want to keep a buyer motivated.  Part of that on-line traffic develops by how well a home is staged.


Search for homes for sale in Sedona Arizona














(Left is before picture)

When at all possible you want the home to have a fresh modern feel to it.  Paint and up-to-date furnishings can make a real difference to a buyer.

Village of Oak Creek homes for saleThis home had a nice view, cozy private backyard and plenty of parking. The price point was good.    However, the furnishings were not up to date.  I recommended a staging company come in and tell us what they would do to get this sold.










This picture —> shows that furnishings were pulled away from the window. Rug was updated and the chandelier was pulled out because it was dated. Older furniture was removed and lighter more up-to-date furniture was added. Old furnishings make the house “feel” old.

We spent a week painting the entire inside of the home, lightening up the color giving it a modern feel and we even painted the garage floor. Also changed was some of the lighting fixtures. Within two weeks there were multiple offers on the table.  It was well worth the additional expense!  When pricing a property, there are a lot of intangibles that go into that pricing.  If a seller decides to not put out the expense and just drop the price accordingly that may not work.  You still have to get people to view the home.  When it is just simply a click here or a click there to view a home, you need to understand that challenge and the competition it brings.

In today’s market, if you do not have a commanding presence on the internet, buyers will move on to the next listing.  The competition is stiff.  Syndication is key.  You may want to take this into consideration when looking at which real estate brokerage you will give your listing. this is not an issue if you work with Sheri Sperry.

What are your thoughts and experience about this?

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