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Sedona Monsoon – Dramatic Skies Offering Daily Inspiration!

Sheri Sperry August 24, 2015


Sedona Monsoon

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When you wake up and can’t wait to get out of bed on a Monday morning, you know you are going to have a good week.  But Why?  Well monsoon of course!  The cloud formations especially in the early morning and late evening are absolutely amazing.  As you look at the sky… you realize that it is good to be alive and you can’t wait to make a difference out there! 

Sell Sedona real estateCardinal sitting on tree limb – Thunder Mountain in background…during Monsoon

Buy Sedona real estate

Sedona offers the best of all seasons.  It doesn’t matter what season it is.  You will enjoy the weather, the cloud formations and the overall climate that brings so many tourists during all our seasons.  Clouds add dramatic background to any image. 

 I thought I would showcase Monsoon.  Contrary to popular belief, the temperatures and humidity do not get into the unbearable stage. We have cool nights.  Nights where you can open the windows and no need for the air condition.  The humidity is not like other areas in the country where you walk out of the house and gasp for a breath.  You don’t even notice it.  Monsoon provides average air moisture so you don’t notice any humidity.

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