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Check Out the Sedona Snapshot Video For The Cottages At Coffeepot Luxury Listing

Sheri Sperry September 21, 2018

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108 Shadow Mountain Drive Sedona Arizona

Snapshot Video


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located at 108 Shadow Mountain Drive, Sedona AZ 86336.

If An Image Scrolls Only One Second… 

Will It Still Make An Impression?

I want to share this 49 second (Sedona Snapshot) video on YouTube with both sellers and buyers.  The goal is to show what can be done on social media channels to hold the attention of the viewer.  

The average time a picture scrolls on a video is usually 4 seconds.  The bulk of these pics were cut down to aproximately 1 second each.  There is an intro and outro and the first two pics are a little longer than 1 second.  

To grab the attention of the viewer, my husband decided to use an aerial snippet that shows the red rock views. 

The Fast Pace of Social Media

It is my opinion that with the fast pace of social media, using the Sedona Snapshot Video is a great way to hold someone’s attention.  Years ago, we were told that to hold the attention of a viewer the video needs to be less than 3 minutes!  Then it was cut to less than 2 minutes and now it is below a minute!

If your videos are not held to 45-50 seconds, the viewer may go on to the next thing.  I follow the trends on social media and the marketing and syndication venues to make sure I offer the very latest marketing tools to assist my client in selling their Sedona luxury home. I coined the term Snapshot Video to show that the length of the video does matter with viewers. The fast pace of the images moving past, tends to keep viewers engaged because they realize the Sedona snapshot video is progressing quickly.  


When Sedona snapshot videos are uploaded to Instagram, the cover image (or frame) is picked by Instagram. Most of the videos that my husband loads are done on a Mac desktop and he has found that the videos we create have to go through video editing software. 

When you use Instagram, the best way to get the thumbnail that you want to show up at the beginning is to add a screenshot or image at the very beginning. This applies to videos that are uploaded from a laptop or desktop computer to Instagram. An app that works well to upload pics or video to Instagram is the Uplet app.  

  • Make the duration of the first image about one tenth of a second and when the video is uploaded to Instagram, that image will show first. 
  • Reminder – Instagram video can only be more than 3 seconds and less than 60 seconds. 
  • Convert the 1920×1080 mp4 video to 640×480 wide pixels to make sure that the video remains in frame. 

You can use Youtube video on just about all the other social media outlets. The areas I put these videos are: Facebook and the business page, Google +, Linkden and Linkedin business, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. 


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