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What is the Sedona Weather Like In Late Spring (May 2021)

Sheri Sperry June 10, 2021

Sedona Weather – May 2021

What’s The Sedona Weather Like In Late Spring?

What is spring like in Sedona Arizona?

Sedona Weather Stats 

May 2021


Sedona Weather Categories by Month

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Sedona Comfort Index = 8 out of 10

In April 2021, the Sedona weather was nothing like March. One thing about Sedona, our weather is not hum-drum. We had a little of everything in March including 7.5 inches of snow. So April felt a lot warmer. We started April with 11 out of the first 12 days in the 80ºs. Almost the entire month was above 72º. There was only a couple of days we turned on the AC for a short time.

May 2021 has been a little cooler compared to May 2020. The average temperature was almost 3º cooler.  No days reached beyond 93.6.

Is Sedona’s Climate Considered Arid or Humid?

Here is the difference that most people do not realize is our climate is arid but in a transitional zone between the Sonora Desert and Colorado Plateau.  Sedona does not experience much humidity even during our monsoon. This makes higher temperatures more bearable. People that are not used to an arid climate need to make sure they stay hydrated all day.  This translates into one cup every 15 to 20 minutes while working outside or at least 1 quart an hour to stay hydrated.

How Many Days of Sunshine Does Sedona Get?

Currently, we are on track to hit around 300 days of **sunshine. We are at 121 days and last year we were at 118 days of sunshine. We ended last year at 301 days.

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Temperature Almanac



Precipitation Almanac


May 2021 Sedona Weather

May 2020 Sedona Weather

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*Comfort Index For Sedona is from BestPlaces.net

**Days of sunshine are estimated based on a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of visible sun.

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