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Snow In Sedona ~ What To Expect From Mother Nature and Snow Diamonds

Sheri Sperry February 2, 2016

Sedona Winter Weather

February 1, 2016 – Three Plus Inches of Snow

February 2, 2016 – Snow Diamonds

When the sun comes up normally in Sedona, the snow starts melting immediately. But because the temperature was 19º, the snow was firm and in no danger of melting at that moment.  The sun is at a low angle as it hits the snow and creates a refraction on the ice particles which mimics the brilliant shimmer of a diamond.  Unfortunately, the camera lens does not pick up the shimmer quite the same as your eye does.  I must have seen hundreds of ‘diamonds’ shimmering on that small surface that the camera was focused on.  Fortunately, you can see some of the ‘diamonds’ when the light hits at the right angle.

Same Day – Mother Nature’s Jewelry

We are very lucky to have mild seasons.  Yes, we get a warm summer and a cool winter.  But we do not get the extremes that many areas of the country get.  We can get snow, but it does not paralyze our city.  We don’t need snow plows. Occasionally we may have to dump some volcanic ash on the main roadway to make sure that cars have traction.  This is a rare occurrence.

More Pictures 

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