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“Stuff Happens” How Does Living in 86 SF Grab You?

Sheri Sperry November 6, 2014

Minimalistic Living

I saw this video and was astonished at what this person did with the amount of living space they had to work with.  This is “out-of-the-box” thinking at it’s very best.

Think about this…. I measured my dining room table with two leaves.  It is 8 feet long by 4 feet wide.  86 SF is 2.7 of my tables side by side!  Watch the video below to see how it was accomplished.  Ask yourself,  could you live like this?

Tiny apartment in Paris (8sqm only) from Kitoko Studio on Vimeo.

This video stirred many emotions as I watched it. I remember all too well what it is like to empty a huge home and ask yourself …What am I going to do with all this “stuff”?  What do I keep? What do I get rid of? (etc.-etc.-etc.)!   It was and still is emotionally draining.  I sometimes ask myself, How in the heck did I accumulate so much “stuff”?

There are a lot of questions that a video like this could stir up, either from a personal perspective or from a real estate perspective.  From your personal point of view, have you ever felt guilty because you have so much “stuff”?  Do you feel frustrated that you can’t tackle getting rid of the “stuff”?

Because housing is so expensive for those just starting out in life, is this the alternative that will continue to trend (especially in big cities or metropolitan areas)?

How will this affect the real estate market going forward?

Minimalist – This is a whole different lifestyle. I would love to get there but “stuff happens”!

Here are a couple of links you may be interested in from a minimalistic POV.


Live Like a Minimalist

I would love to know what others in our industry think about this subject…

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