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Want to Be a Real Estate Agent?

Sheri Sperry September 26, 2015

Do You Have What It Takes?real estate agent

As you read this please remember that as a Sedona real estate agent, I love doing this job. Both myself and my husband live real estate every day. We incorporate our love of real estate into our dalily activities so that it does not feel like work. Of course, as with any other occupation, you have your days! Take stock in what Sarah D’Hondt writes about being a real estate agent, because it is dead on. The author, just touches the surface on marketing tools such as the website… Fortunately for me, my husband loves working on the website, but he spends hours and hours on marketing, photography and website design and SEO along with staying on top of blogging and social media! If you think it is “easy money” and glamorous … As they say in NY – fug-ged-aboud-it!

I usually tell someone who asks me that it takes X amount of dollars to get started and they better have a rainy day fund to get them through the  first couple of years and lean times.  However, in the future I will point an interested party to this article so they can get a good picture of what is at stake! If nothing else, you will walk away with a much deeper appreciation for what I do for you.  Believe me, I do enjoy what I do for my customers. Click on the link below


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