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Luxury BBQ Grill Cleaning Service at a Reasonable Cost!

Sheri Sperry May 2, 2019

Sedona Arizona

Red Rock Grill Cleaning

Because YOU don't want to do it!

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I have had Scott provide this service to a couple of my luxury buyers and they were so pleased I had to check his service out for myself. Now, it should be noted that my grill is over 20 years old.  I never expected it to look brand new.  However, I couldn't believe how good it looked after he was done. Both my husband and I have spent hours cleaning this grill. If you don't like cleaning the inside of your oven, cleaning a 9 burner grill is much more intensive! Believe me, "you don't want to do it!"
  Scott Thompson's tagline is "Because YOU don't want to do it!". Scott provides a complete BBQ cleaning service that removes all traces of grease, fat, and carbon especially in places you can't see. Scott is a courteous and respectful young man who provides all his own materials including tarps. Your BBQ Grill will look new again when he is finished.

Complete degreasing of the following areas: 


Wire Catch Pan

Control Knobs

Drip Pans

Rotisserie Racks

Igniters Pull-out Tray



Components deep cleaned in the mobile steam bath:

Grill Racks

Flavorizer Bars

Heat Plates

Inspection of the following parts:


Pressure Regulator


Venturi Tubes

BBQ is polished after completion!

The cleaning and inspection process removes harmful carcinogens that can be transferred to your food. It prevents future corrosion and helps extend the life of your grill and protects your valuable investment.

Go to RedRockGrillCleaning.com for more information.

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