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Boynton Canyon ~ Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye

Sheri Sperry December 25, 2015

Boynton Canyon

I have lived most of my life in sunbelt states and really didn’t see a lot of snow. For some reason I have found that falling snow and white powder sprinkled on all the red rocks, junipers, and pine trees warms the heart. There is something serene and tranquil about it.

I recall taking this picture because it was all alone with a nice dusting and a great backdrop. I like pictures of trees! It wasn’t until today that it struck my like a bolt of lightning. I noticed that the tree was in a special shape.

We have seen many images that have been photshopped to look like something else. When you come across a picture that shows you something you did not see when you took it is rather special.

I really wanted to share this because of the season. This is the season of love and selfless acts and is forever romanticized as being uncommon if the heavens sprinkle the white flakes of powder down upon us.

So Merry Christmas, where ever you are because a

“White Christmas” starts in our heart.

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