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Want Fall and Winter Color In Your Garden? – Check this Nandina out!

Sheri Sperry November 24, 2015

Nandinas With Orange-Red Berries

Sedona Winter Color

This Nandina fall-winter bush provides all season color. But it shines in the fall and winter months.  During spring, little white flowers sprout. The berries will start to form at the top and cluster downward.  Many of the clusters will look like vineyard grape clusters as they mature.  When spring turns to summer, the leaves will be a healthy green and some will be variegated.

Everything depends on how much sunlight your Nandinas get.  If possible take into consideration the winter shadows and plant in areas that get a minimum of shade. As the summer turns to fall and temperatures drop the leaves will start to turn. If your area gets below freezing the leaves will be more red if the plant is in full sunlight.

In Sedona, we get temperatures that can dip below freezing right before sunrise and then hover in a sweater temperature zone (high 50ºs - mid 60ºs) during the day.  This produces a variety of coloration on the leaves.

For those of you that may be thinking of selling your home. This shrub adds a lot of curb appeal and is perfect for the winter months.

Visit your favorite garden website in your neck of the woods to learn more about this colorful winter plant. Different types of Nandina.

P.S. My domain name has changed to SellSedona.com!

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