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Cottages At Coffeepot – 2021 Summer Summary and Current Market Analysis – Uncommon Homes

Sheri Sperry August 23, 2021

The Cottages At Coffeepot

Soldiers Pass 

West Sedona Arizona 86336

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A Unique Gated Community 


Luxury Townhouses Cottages At Coffeepot July 2019 Market Report

Uncommon Homes in an Uncommon Setting!

Cottages At Coffeepot June 2019 Market Report


Cottages At Coffeepot

A Unique Gated Community
Each of these townhomes is very unique. They have custom floor plans, different lot sizes and each view is distinctive. Courtyards and garden areas vary as well.  Many of the luxury townhomes have been updated to varying degrees which makes posting price per square foot a challenge. It takes an experienced REALTOR® who knows the Cottages At Coffeepot very well to position these luxury townhomes.  In the same spirit, a Cottage experienced real estate agent can help buyers when it comes to negotiations with the seller. I have owned a Cottage since 2003 and have 18 + years of history with this community. I can help buyers and sellers get the best value for these special townhouses.

  Cottages At Coffeepot 

Market Report Update

Market Summary Cottages At Coffeepot 2021

2021 Cottages At Coffeepot Summary

Cottages At Coffeepot 2021 Market Analysis Report. This is the most activity I have seen in this small community for many years (7 sold in 2020) and 5 cottages have sold so far in 2021 with 1 pending. Because of the extreme lack of inventory, this is a seller's market.  So much so that only one of these townhomes sold for under $1 million. All the other listings were updated and fetched up to $1,350,000. Many of the homes on the forest side of the street can go for $50,000 to $100,000 more because these homes border forest.   Besides the over $1 million price tag for these luxury townhomes, notice the Average Sold Price Per Square Foot.  In 2021, it is currently averaging $588 versus $414 in 2020...and 2020 was a hot market!  Also when these townhomes hit the market, they are selling quickly.  In the past, they were on market for anywhere from 3 months to 6 months.  So far in 2021, these Luxury Cottage Townhomes have been on the market for only 31 days (DOM).   Cottages At Coffeepot Active Listings 2021

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Soldier's Pass - West Sedona AZ 86336 - Homes For Sale




Cottages At Coffeepot Are Maintained With Your Safety & Aesthetics in Mind


Cottages At Coffeepot

Looking For That "Lock-and-Go" Sedona Lifestyle? 

The Cottages At Coffeepot West Sedona is a gated community for those who want a lock-and-go lifestyle. The community has a full-time groundskeeper who maintains the front landscaping of each home.  There is only one way in and one way out and it has a security gate to maintain your privacy and safety.  The Cottages are very safe.  Because the Cottages sit over a mile off the main highway (89A) and are tucked in at the foot of the forest preserve, there is little traffic that is not accounted for. Though there are neighbors on either side of each townhome, privacy is maintained very well. You have to see it to believe it!

Designed For Low Maintenance and Relaxation

There are 34 homes and generally 10-12 full-time residents who live in the Cottages while other residents travel to other homes based on the season.  Some spend summers at the Cottages while others spend their winter months in this community.

Heated Pool May Through October 

Cottages At Coffeepot   One of the unique features that residents enjoy at the Cottages is a heated swimming pool that is available from late April May through October.  The pool area sits higher than most of the luxury townhomes and has a great view of the surrounding red rocks.

Coffeepot Rock

Cottages At coffeepot Market Analysis

  Straddling one of the famous rocks in Sedona. ..Coffeepot Rock, the pool is located right below. From the main street of the 89A, it looks just like the old percolator coffee pot, but as you move around the rock, it can take on another appearance of a "Standing Eagle" a name given to the rock by the Native Americans who inhabit the area.  Every one of these homes has a "front-row seat" to the special beauty of this iconic rock.  Of course, homes on the forest side of Shadow Mountain Drive generally will command a higher price than those homes sitting on the east side of the street.  

Luxury Amenities

  Besides the pool, you can play a set of tennis anytime you choose at the tennis court located right below the pool area. Cottages At Coffeepot - Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty - Sedona Lifestyle If you decide you want some fresh air and a nature walk, there are trails by Coffeepot that lead to Boynton Canyon to the west and Jordan Park to the east.  The Seven Pools and Devil's Kitchen are a 10-15 minute walk right outside of the community.  There are Jeep trails also that you can take to get to those features. Just make sure you have the required permit and a narrow rock climbing vehicle to get you back there! If you can't make it comfortably through the very first obstacle right out of the parking lot, do not attempt to go any further!
Gated Community
Cottages At Coffeepot June 2019 Market Report

You enter the community from the top of the hill and the monument lights meet the dark sky requirements.  These monuments throw a soft light down onto the pavement and each townhome has one or more in front of their home.

Green Grass

Cottages At Coffeepot Park

As you can see, there is green grass where you might expect rocks and desert plants.  Most of the community has grass in front of the townhomes. However, the HOA is considering modernizing the landscaping in increments as needed to bring a fresh young look to the complex. Cottages At Coffeepot June 2019 Market Report   The picture to the right is looking down from Teacup Trail which hugs Coffeepot Rock. As mentioned before, there are 34 units.  Two of these units sit on two lots. Most of these luxury townhomes are two and three units to a building. Each unit has some sort of courtyard in the front and a backyard garden area.  
Many Properties Border Forest
  Half of the community borders the forest. Most units have built-in BBQs and all have a slab patio front and back.  Those units that sit on the east side of the street have a view of Coffeepot Rock from the front of the townhouse. All in all, each luxury townhome is unique and special.

The Cottages At Coffeepot Architecture Is Timeless & Built To Last 

The architect was a prominent local resident who built quality homes that still remain timeless today. Don Woods designed more than 200 local homes and businesses including Junipine Resort in Oak Creek Canyon as well as Heartline Cafe, and the Sedona Racquet Club according to Sedona Monthly Magazine. This article was back in 2006. I am sorry to say that Don Woods recently passed away.  Don Woods homes are already starting to appreciate because you can't commission a project anymore. I had the opportunity to meet and work with Don Woods.  He was a wonderful man who is missed by the entire community.  Don Woods projects carry his legacy forward. I can recognize one of his projects as soon as I see it and I am proud to have sold and placed buyers in his classic designs. Fortunately, the builder is still active in the community.  He is Phil Morris.  Currently, he has a multi-million dollar project about 3 minutes from the Cottages located right on Soldier's Pass. Again, Phil Morris provides a quality product that a homeowner can be proud of.
The Cottages - Affordable Alternative In Soldier's Pass
  The Soldier's Pass area of Sedona is one of the more pricey areas in Sedona. The average home price in Soldier's Pass right now is over $1,650,000.  On the other hand, The Cottages At Coffeepot sit on some prime property at the very end of Soldier's Pass and offer a more affordable alternative choice of living in a luxury setting.

Cottages At Coffeepot June 2019 Market Report

Just 4 Minutes Away...


 The Soldier's Pass Location Is 4 Minutes To Shopping & Dining

  The location is far enough away from the main highway traffic to relish the quiet solitude of nature.  Surrounded by pine and juniper trees, your Cottage is nestled deep into nature yet you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you are located in a gated community that looks after its own residents.   A recent study has shown that living within a mile of a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's increases the value of your home. The Whole Foods of Sedona is right at the beginning of Soldiers Pass just 3 minutes away.  

Medical & Professional Services Are Just 4 Minutes Away

A question often asked is "How far are the medical facilities located?"  The intersection of Soldier's Pass & SR 89A is the start of all the businesses located in Sedona.  Besides Whole Foods at that corner, there are two banks, restaurants, and professional services which include, doctors' offices, eye care, dentist and lawyer's offices as well as other professional services. Within 5 minutes of that corner are all the services you may possibly need.  If you need any specific questions answered please reach out to me through my cell phone or email.

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If You Are Selling Your Sedona Home or Cottage At Coffeepot...

You can find a number of sites that will provide you with an 'estimate' of what your home is worth.  These sites use public records and algorithms to determine an 'estimate'. They must also publish their 'error rate' as well. The human factor is left out of the equation in these estimates. I live in this community and can give you a more accurate picture of what your home or townhouse will sell for.  This is what I do for a living.

Complimentary Comparative Market Analysis 

I am an expert in the Sedona market and the surrounding communities.  I also network with the top REALTORS® in the area. As a past president of the Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals, I bring an added dimension to the luxury market. We meet every 2 weeks to discuss current market conditions and what the forward-looking picture is indicating for the Sedona luxury real estate market.

National and even county-wide news sources are slow and do not accurately represent what is happening in the Sedona area. I contract with a National Research firm to provide you with COMPLIMENTARY, real-time up-to-date market reports, and statistics showing homes and condos for sale in Sedona. These reports are updated every few days to keep you current on Sedona market conditions. This is a valuable tool for you that only I provide through quick website graphs or detailed reports you can get FREE in your email. Just select this link, "How is the market is doing?".  You can subscribe to any report you need and it will be delivered to your email inbox on a weekly basis.  If you have any questions, feel free to call me.  I will walk you through it.

Also, you will find these reports on my website. The reports automatically update weekly and will provide you with a Market Report Analysis for each of the main zip codes and communities in the area which include: Sedona 86336, Village of Oak Creek 86351, Cornville/Page Springs 86325, and Cottonwood 86326. I can also get Camp Verde 86322 for you.

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Click here for large image - Soldiers Pass highlights in West Sedona

Cottages At Coffeepot June 2019 Market Report - Soldiers Pass West Sedona

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As the video (above) shows, the Cottages At Coffeepot border forest and red rocks. The pool and tennis courts are right below Coffeepot Rock.

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Cottages At Coffeepot is the first community to be certified "Firewise"

Cottages At Coffeepot Firewise Certified


Cottages At Coffeepot Firewise Community


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