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Cottages At Coffeepot Is First Sedona Community To Be Certified As “Firewise”

Sheri Sperry May 22, 2023

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Cottages At Coffeepot Certified "Firewise" 

First Sedona Community To Earn Designation

Cottages At Coffeepot Firewise Certified

Image courtesy of Sedona Red Rock News

Sedona Fire District engineer Cooper Carr left, firefighter Josh Combs, Captain Angel Morales, Aaron Casem, prevention and mitigation officer for the Arizona Department of Forestry, Catherine Knox, head of the Firewise steerage committee, HOA board member Caroline Oreel, HOA board president Gila Hager-Sherman, SFD Fire Marshal Jon Davis, HOA board member Bill Baridon, and SFD Battalion Chief "Buzz" Lechowski recognize the Cottages at Coffeepot neighborhood as the only Firewise USA site in the Sedona Fire District on Saturday, Dec. 5. David Jolkovski/Larson Newspapers


Cottages At Coffeepot Borders U.S. Forest Service

Cottages At Coffeepot Gated Entrance

Due to the fact that the Cottages At Coffeepot community borders U.S. Forest Service, it is essential that the community does everything it can to help with wildfire mitigation.  Every year in spring, a memo goes out to the entire community with tips on how to be "Firewise".  We all need to do our part to protect our community from the risk of wildfire.

Wood Shingle RoofWood Shingle Roof - 2006

Composite fire-retardant roof shingle

Wood Shingle Roofs Needed To Be Replaced

This really came to a culmination when the Brins Mesa Fire broke out on June 17, 2006. This fire was very close to the Soldiers Pass area.  The Cottages At Coffeepot were under evacuation orders.  It just so happened that the Cottages At Coffeepot Home Owners Association (HOA) was in the midst of deciding on new roofing materials.  Prior to the composite shingles that the cottages now have, the roofing material was a wood shingle.  Many homeowners wanted to reroof with this same wood shingle.  This all changed with the encroachment of the Brins Mesa Fire.  These shingles have been found to aid in hastening fires.  Most insurance companies will not even insure properties with this type of shingle. Every cottage has replaced the roof with a fire-retardant composite shingle. On the left is the composite fire-retardant roof shingle that has replaced the wood shingles throughout the Cottages At Coffeepot. The Cottages At Coffeepot had to be evacuated when it was thought that the Brins Mesa fire was changing direction towards the cottages.  Fortunately, the fire did not encroach any homes in Soldiers Pass.

10 Safety Tips To Mitigate Wildfire Risk

Cottages At Coffeepot Firewire Certification


5 Action Items To Improve Your Home's Survivability

  • Remove leaves, pine needles, and other flammable material from the roof, gutters, and on and under the deck to help prevent embers from igniting your home.
  • Screen areas below decks and porches with 1/8" wire mesh to help prevent material from accumulating underneath.
  • Cover exterior attic and soffit vents with 1/8" wire mesh to help prevent sparks from entering your home.
  • Enclose eaves to help prevent ember entry.
  • Inspect shingles or roof tiles. Replace missing shingles or tiles.  Cover ends of tiles with bird stops or cement to help prevent ember penetration during a wildfire.

5 Tips For Landscaping Around Your Home

  • Remove dead vegetation and other flammable materials, especially within 5 feet of your home.
  • Keep your lawn hydrated and maintained.  If it is brown, cut it down to help reduce fire intensity.
  • Prune tree limbs so the lowest branches are 6 to 10 feet above the ground to help reduce the chance of fire getting into the crowns of the trees.
  • Move construction material, trash, and woodpiles at least 30 feet away from the home and other outbuildings.
  • Dispose of branches, weeds, leaves, pine needles, and grass clippings that you have cut to reduce fuel for a fire.

Shadow Mountain Drive - Cottages At Coffeepot

Cottages At Coffeepot Overhead

Cottages At Coffeepot - Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty - Sedona Lifestyle



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