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What Is A Master Certified Negotiation Expert ~ MCNE®?

Sheri Sperry January 7, 2024

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MCNE - Sheri Sperry - Master Certified Negotiation Expert

What Does It Take To Become A Master Certified Negotiation Expert - MCNE®?

If you are looking for a real estate agent who understands and is an expert in the negotiation process, Sheri Sperry MCNE® of Coldwell Banker Realty Sedona is the Sedona top agent you should seek out. *approximately 231 agents (June 2023) are MCNE® in all of Arizona, and only five are local agents in Sedona Verde Valley Association of Realtors (SVVAR).  There are 54,000+ members in the Arizona Association of Realtors.

A Master Certified Negotiation Expert must be skilled in all areas of negotiation and have taken all the courses, including:

  1. Certified Negotiation Expert {CNE 1 Core Concepts} (2 days)
  2. Mastering Email Negotiations (1 day)
  3. Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Buyer's Agents {CNE 2 - Buyer Suite} (1 day)
  4. Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Listing Agents  {CNE 3 - Seller Suite} (1 day)
  5. Negotiating Across Generations (3 hours)
  6. Cultural Factors In Real Estate (3 hours)

Key Take-Aways

  • Professional Negotiation and Business Building Training
  • Competitive Win-Lose Hard Bargaining vs. Collaborative Win-Win Negotiation
  • Psychology of Buying
  • Persuasion Principles
  • Case Studies
  • Skill Practice and Role Plays
  • Understand and Demonstrate Various Communication Modes
  • Learn Effective Written Communication Skills and Techniques
  • Handle Highly Competitive Negotiators With Ease
  • Greater Confidence In All Negotiations
  • Anticipate and Prepare For Counter Offer
  • Prepare Listing vs. Buyer Offer Strategies To Support Your Position and Improve Odds of a Successful Negotiation
  • Persuade Seller Not To "Over-list" and Buyer Not To "Lowball"
  • Understand the General Concept of Culture Factors and Tactics On Negotiations
  • Deal Effectively With Language Barriers
  • Understand Generational Factors and their Impact On Negotiations
    • Silent Generation - Baby Boomers - Gen X - Gen Y - Millenials
* These figures will change as real estate agents are added or deleted from the respective associations. The article was updated in January 2024.


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