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Sheri Sperry July 10, 2024

Sheri Sperry Number 1 (#1) Sedona Real Estate Blogger

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"With more than 306,482 members (as of July 4, 2023), ActiveRain is the largest and most active professional social network in the real estate industry. We are a community of real estate agents, brokers, home stagers, inspectors, lenders, and other industry professionals who are committed to learning how to do our jobs better, building connections, and having some fun along the way! (taken from activerain "about" page) 

The ActiveRain "about" page says that AR is the largest real estate knowledge base storehouse, with well over 4 million blog posts and hundreds being added daily.


active Rain Ranking Sheri Sperry


ActiveRain Top Professional Real Estate Blogging Platform

sheri sperry activerain stats profile - Call Sheri for all your real estate needs 928.274.7355Being involved in ActiveRain has helped to raise our caliber of blogging proficiency. This is a network where professionals tied to the real estate industry who have similar tastes and opinions can help each other through education, networking, and years of experience. Many personal relationships have developed over time, which help create one of the best nationwide referral networks for our real estate industry. We also get to participate in one of the finest blogging platforms in the social network and real estate world.

 ActiveRain Top Real Estate Educational Tool

I am very fortunate to have found this fabulous platform for real estate. The interaction and the relationships I am building throughout the ActiveRain network have created a very uplifting, inspirational experience and a perfect way for clients to learn about Sedona and the Verde Valley.  

Sheri Sperry Is Number One in Sedona, The Verde Valley, Yavapai County, and All of Northern Arizona!

I started blogging back in 2012. It took a lot of time to understand how it works and how to interact and network with others on ActiveRain.  Through my active blogging, I kept accumulating points about many different Sedona and real estate topics. By late 2015, I became the number one ranked blogger for Sedona. I continue to be the number one blogger for all of Northern Arizona.  As for my overall rank in Arizona, I am currently the 2nd ranked real estate agent (as of July 4, 2023) and will continue to improve my national ranking as I continue to blog!  I am 94th ranked nationally. There are 50,000 + real estate agents in Arizona.

Buyers & Sellers Have An Information & Marketing Advantage

This gives my buyers and sellers an advantage. I have a treasure of information available for those who are interested in the Sedona area real estate market. My ActiveRain blog, "Sedona Property Solutions from A to Z," and my SellSedona.com blog, "Sedona Real Estate News & Info From A to Z," provide over 1456+ blog posts. 51+ posts of mine have been featured on the entire ActiveRain network. The reach for a feature is 300,000+ viewers! Hundreds more of my posts have been featured in individual categories such as "Photos" and marketing categories.   Besides all the education I receive, we have monthly challenges designed to motivate, inspire, help us plan, and teach us new techniques and technology. We also get to interact and network with hundreds of real estate professionals across the US and Canada.  This gives each of us a keen idea of who to refer to clients. Again, another great advantage is available to my clients.  Many of the blog posts I read include areas and buildings that another agent is marketing.  I may be able to direct a client to a specific area in another geographic location from the information I glean from a blog. As of January 1, 2024,  I have posted 1,456+ blog posts on ActiveRain, with clicks approaching 1,731,856+ actual views. My overall content on SellSedona.com is unsurpassed in our market. I am ranked 4th in all of Arizona, first in Northern Arizona, and 94th in the entire country.  Most of my blogs are pushed to ActiveRain from SellSedona.com. At SellSedona.com, my blog has a vibrant search engine to find any of my blogs that have been posted.  Just place the search term in the box, and any blog post matching that criteria will appear on the screen.

My Website (SellSedona.com) Blog


ActiveRain Search for Sedona area blogs


As an example, type Sellers into the search box. Just like Google, you will see posts that have that search term.


Sheri Sperry - Number 1 real Estate Blogger in Northern AZ and Sedona Verde Valley

I have ten blog pages with the search term "Sellers."

One of the advantages of using my blog as a reference site is the ability to "google" or search the article or blog base.  When you use the search box, it only searches my information based on the term you put in. Generally, this will give you much more relevant and valuable information because you are searching for a particular database.  Most of the information you get you can apply generally to other geographic areas, but the slant of my blog will always be with Sedona or the Verde Valley or Northern Arizona as a reference point.  For example, I may talk about fall projects. However, fall can start as early as late August in some areas of the country. In Sedona, fall will pick up in mid to late October. So you may not see a blog on this subject until early to mid-October.

If you are looking for any information on real estate, start here!  If you don't find what you want, contact me. I will help you.  After all, I am YOUR Solutions REALTOR®


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