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Happy 109th Birthday to Arizona. – The Grand Canyon State – 6 Fun Facts

Sheri Sperry February 14, 2021

Happy Birthday Arizona - Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Realty 928-274-7355

Happy Birthday Arizona!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Unless you follow Arizona history, you may not know that back in 1912, Arizona was admitted to the Union as the 48th state on February 14th.  


In this land of sunshine in the middle of winter, many people are celebrating by getting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. I can tell you that the amount of people hiking right now in Sedona is more than I would have thought.  I was going down Soldiers Pass this morning and there were at least 50 people walking on the side of the street to get to the entrance of the Soldiers Pass Trail. 

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Of course, others are playing golf or tennis. Many are enjoying their bikes.  Some will celebrate with cactus themed cakes and outdoor BBQs. 

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6 Fun Facts About Arizona – The Grand Canyon State

  • Arizona was part of the New Mexico Territory in 1848 but became a separate territory in 1863. Zonies voted against being combined with New Mexico as a single state.
  • President Taft signed the Arizona Statehood Act after 49 years as a territory.
  • Governor George W. P. Hunt was the 1st Governor of Arizona.  He served 7 terms as governor!
  • Arizona had only 200,000 residents when Arizona achieved statehood. 
  • According to the History Channel, Arizona has the greatest percentage of acreage for Native American Tribal Land.
  • The Grand Canyon (besides being the second most visited of the National Parks – 6 million people visit each year), is larger than the state of Rhode Island. 

Reference – U.S. Department of the Interior – “13 Things you Didn’t Know About Grand Canyon National Park”

www.12news .com  – Happy birthday, Arizona

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