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2020 – Late Fall and Early Winter – Sedona Weather – What is the Weather Like in Sedona AZ?

Sheri Sperry December 3, 2020

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What is the Sedona Weather Like in Late Fall?

November – Early December 2020

It is hard to believe that we are approaching the Winter of 2021!  It will be here fast.  Usually, in late November, our early mornings are filled with temperatures below 32º.  It is the time of the year that we have to make sure plants that are prone to frostbite including many species of cactus need to be wrapped up with a frost blanket or brought into our homes.  Outdoor watering systems should be turned off or set to come on later in the day when the temps are above freezing.  Generally, we don’t have to blow out our outdoor water pipes for “winterizing”.  Check with your landscaper on your location for your individual needs. It is a rare day in the last decade that we had a high temperature of less than 32º. Looking back at the Cottages At Coffeepot Weather stats in the last decade, there have been only 4 days with a recorded high of less than 32º.  The last day was New Year’s Eve 2018 at 31.8º!  Another category tracked from 2017 on has been “High Temps Below 40º”. (see below).  The Cottages At Coffeepot weather station has only recorded 19 days below 40º for a high.  Freezing temps and temps below 40º are not something we really see.  Our seasons whether we are talking about winter or summer tend to be milder than other areas of the country.

Sedona Fall Weather By temperature category

Previous Years Charts are located at Sedona-Weather.com for comparison

November had a typical temperature pattern as in previous years. You can count on some days below 32º which gets the tree and bush sugars to start their Autumn processes adding the vibrant red, purple, orange, and yellow colors. Some of the leaves will have a mixture of colors because of filtered sunlight hitting each leaf. It is very beautiful.

The Real Story

The real story is the lack of rain all year. November was no exception with 0.06 inches of rain. The yearly total so far is 8.11 inches. The lowest year on record is 5.55 inches higher than that total. Unless December has a big month of rain, this will be the lowest yearly total rainfall in Soldiers Pass, West Sedona measured at the Cottages at Coffeepot. We are definitely in a drought.

Precipitation Almanac

Rain and Snow Late Fall – Early Winter 2020

Sedona Precipitation 2020

Temperature Almanac

Sedona Temperature Chart for Up to November 2020 – High-Low- Mean Temperatures

2020 Sedona Temperature Highs and Lows

Sedona AZ Annual Comfort Index = 8.0

How Is the Comfort Index Determined?

According to BestPlaces“Being neither too hot nor too cold or humid nor dry plays a large part in enjoying where you live, so we came up with the BestPlaces Comfort Index. This calculation system factors in components such as afternoon summer temperature and humidity to determine the places in the U.S. that are the most comfortable.” 

That Sedona comfort index number is 8 out of 10.

It’s A Dry Heat…

I lived in Houston Texas during my childhood and worked for national companies in Florida.  During the many vacations visiting relatives in Omaha Nebraska and Chicago Illinois during summer, I remember how uncomfortable I felt with the humid conditions.  Humidity also affects you in the winter months making a person feel colder because of the water vapor in the air.  We have all heard the expression about the desert heat – “It does not feel that hot because it is a dry heat!”

Why Is Sedona At An 8.0 Comfort Index?

Some of the reasons Sedona has a very high Comfort Index is that the overall temperature and humidity levels make living a pleasant experience. Summer, winter temperatures and humidity are not extreme. Sedona-Weather.com has all the stats from 2010 to today. Humidity is not added to the stats because it is in the comfort zone. It should be noted that humidity changes as the temperature changes during the day. In Sedona, it remains in the comfort zone as the temperature changes.  Arizona has an overall Comfort Index of 7.5.  Hawaii has an overall Comfort Index of 8.7 and California has an overall index of 8.4.  Having spent a lot of time in both states, I feel that majority of the population lives close to the ocean. An ocean breeze can make all the difference with one’s comfort level.

Oak Creek Canyon from Midgley Bridge Sedona

Fall Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon

Southwest Christmas Theme – Enchantment Resort

Southwest Christmas - Enchantment Resort


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*Comfort Index For Sedona is from BestPlaces.net
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