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Pine Valley – Get A Glimpse of a Special Area and Lifestyle

Sheri Sperry May 21, 2019


Pine Valley

Sedona Arizona 86351

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Pine Valley


A Distinctive & Unique Sub-Division

Pine Valley is a distinctive community located approximately 3 miles off the SR 179. It is nestled at the very end of Jacks Canyon Road.  Near the end of the road, there is a cattle guard and this welcomes you to Pine Valley.  Many residents in Sedona may not even know where Pine Valley is located. As you meander through Jacks Canyon on your way to Pine Valley, the drive becomes an exploration of the natural landscape that is from a time when our native ancestors roamed these lands.

 A Harmonious Community

Everything in Pine Valley has a contrasting, diverse and divergent nature to it. Yet all members of the community live in harmony because of their common or dare I say, not so common bond of the Pine Valley lifestyle.  When residents are asked where they live, they will reply "Pine Valley". Pine Valley Sedona AZ 86351 Residents have such a strong bond to this area that there is a more untethered association with the Sedona region than other sub-divisions or areas. Even longtime residents of the Sedona area may have to ask where Pine Valley is located before they understand the connection. Each home has its own character that fits into the area.  You will generally find a limited number of homes available for sale. Many artists live in this area. They feel their creative energy flows well here.

This is an area where homeowners do not sell very often, so the inventory is low. When you find a home you like, you might want to give it serious thought.

Pine Valley Sedona AZ 86351 - Homes for sale

History and Hiking Jack's Canyon Trail

Jacks Canyon Trail got its name from Jack Woods, a railroad engineer stationed out of Winslow AZ.  He used to graze sheep in the late 19th century in this canyon. The trailhead starts right outside of Pine Valley at FR 793.  You have to pass Canyon Ridge Trail on the left side. Shortly after that is FR 793 and the trailhead is off of that road.   Also, you can easily access it from Mountain Rd in the Pine Valley subdivision.  Hot Loop Trail and Jack's Canyon Trail start at this point. Hot Loop Trail takes you into Wood's Canyon. Jack's Canyon Trail is for experienced hikers only.  It is a strenuous hike that lasts a total of 9 hours.  There is no potable water so make sure you bring plenty in with you.Pine Valley homes for Sale with red rock views From what I am told, you can see some of the best scenery in all of Sedona from the end of the trail. The elevation gets up to almost 7000 feet. You can see all the red rock formations (and much more) from there.  You will most likely see black-tailed jackrabbits, and cottontails scampering through the chaparral. There are Gambel's quail and you will hear them cooing from their nests as you travel through. My favorites trees and shrubs are Arizona Cypress and twisted pine along with the mesquite and manzanita which are high desert favorites.  

Pine Valley is considered Sedona with an 86351 zip code, yet the area's identity is unique.

May 2019 Pine Valley Homes and Real Estate Market

Stats and Market Trends – 2016 thru 2019 Comparison

Note: 2016 thru 2018 are the year ending numbers. 2019 stats up to 5/22/19

Pine Valley Market Analysis

Pine Valley Red Rock Views


Quick Analysis – 2016 – 2017 – 2018 – 2019

The Pine Valley market sales showed a lot of strong activity in 2018 compared to other years. Sellers need to realize that buyers are getting anywhere from a 3% to 5% discount off of the purchase price. Again, 2018 was the best year at 3%. 2018 also had the lowest days on market (CDOM) at 96.  So far in 2019, only one home has sold but there are 2 pending. There is a lot of inventory for this area. This means that buyers should be able to make a better deal with sellers willing to negotiate. I understand this market. I have had listings and sold buyers homes in this area. One home I listed was on market for one week before going into contract. I am very experienced in this market and the builders and can be a valuable resource for buyers and sellers.

May 2019 Pine Valley Homes Active Market 

as of 5/14/19

Pine Valeey Market Report and homes for sale

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