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Pine Valley – Video of Grey Fox Area

Rick Sperry August 24, 2016

Pine Valley - Property Sold by L Congdon - from Rick Sperry on Vimeo.

Pine Valley - Uncommon

Pine Valley is a distinctive community located approximately 3 miles off the SR 179. It is nestled at the very end of Jacks Canyon Road.  Near the end of the road, there is a cattle guard and this welcomes you to Pine Valley.  Many residents in Sedona may not even know where Pine Valley is located. As you meander through Jacks Canyon on your way to Pine Valley, the drive becomes an exploration of the natural landscape that is from a time when our native ancestors roamed these lands.

Pine Valley - Diverse

Everything in Pine Valley has a contrasting, diverse and divergent nature to it. Yet all members of the community live in harmony because of their common or dare I say, not so common bond of the Pine Valley lifestyle.  When residents are asked where they live, they will reply "Pine Valley".  Residents have such a strong bond to this area that there is a much looser association with the Sedona region than other sub-divisions or areas. Even long time residents of the Sedona area may have to ask where Pine valley is located, before they understand the connection. Homes and properties share the same contrast and divergent characteristics as the inhabitants of the area.   Find Pine Valley Homes

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