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Discover the Crimson Vortex Power of Red Rock Romance – Why Do Visitors and Buyers Flock to the Sedona Lifestyle?

Sheri Sperry August 30, 2018

Enjoying The Red Rock Romance of the Sedona Lifestyle

  Sedona Lifestyle - homes for sale  

The Iconic Red Rock Vistas

The Red Rock Romance attracts 3 million plus visitors a year. Back in the early and mid 20th century, many Westerns were filmed in the Sedona area. Of course, back then there were very few homes and the wide open range was perfect for wagon train or camp scenes and wide angle shots that captured the gorgeous red rocks. Fast forward to present day and we still see movies and television commercials, mostly car commercials shot on these back roads where the camera can capture the background. Unlike the black and white movies of those past eras, color commercials capture the brilliance of the stunning crimson red rock color. Special TV programs are filmed with red rock backgrounds and sporting events such as major football games, Super Bowl etc., send camera crews to get that iconic shot of Cathedral Rock (like the one above)! Media and "Best of...." rankings work like a magnet to attract visitors to this special area.  For example, Sedona was ranked 13th recently by TripAdvisor among the Top 25 US Destinations. Once here, they want to become "buyers". Many of our customers marvel and dream of living among these magnificent red rock monoliths. Buyers want homes with red rock views. It is that simple! This is number one on their wish list. Though view homes, like ocean front homes, come with a price.  Occasionally, the right view home comes on market at a price point the customer can afford. Those homes do not stay on the market long, so a buyer must be ready to act.Sedona lifestyle - homes for sale


300 Days of Sunshine 

Ensures an active Sedona Lifestyle

We get many of the 3 million visitors in our Fall and Winter Season.  Retired folks want to get out of those cold climates in other parts of the country.  They flock to the warmer climates. Our Sedona climate is pretty mild all year long. The highest mean temperature was 79.2º in June. By August of this year, the mean temperature dropped to 72.9. Summer temps that allow for windows to be open at night and air conditioners to be turned off.  During our winter months, there were only 2 days since 2011 that were below freezing. So far this year, only 12 days were below 50º! Generally, all you need is a sweater when you go out.  We have "polite snow" because it does not stick around. Usually it is gone within a day. See all Sedona Weather stats at

Ricks World Sedona . There are five to seven years of stats available.


Sedona lifestyle - homes for sale in Sedona

Outdoor & Other Activities

Another area that is high on our buyers' list is the ability to enjoy the outdoors - all year long.  Every activity that you do in the summer can be done in the middle of winter as well. Our most popular attractions are our hiking trails. According to one local hiker, Bill Bohan, he has hiked 1600 miles in his 13 years here in Sedona. You can find an alpha list of all the trails he has categorized here. <--- My favorite hike is Devils Bridge.  This is the hike that is pictured. You can see the Bridge from below, above or you can stand on it like you see in the pic. BUT if you are leery of heights, I wouldn't walk out on the bridge.  It is only 3 feet wide where we are standing. Every outdoor activity you can think of, you can do. From golfing to red rock jeep tours or rent your own; to visiting historical sites and vortexes. We have airplane tours, hot air ballon rides, helicopter tours, 2 different train tours. There is swimming in pools, in swim holes, on Slide Rock, or take a leisure kayak paddle that lets you off at a winery! I would be remise if I didn't include the magical mystical new age connection that is endearing to this small town. Everything from Holistic pedicures to psychic readings and Vortex tours, energy healing, crystal & rock shops as well as aura photography. For those shopaholics how about visiting all the speciality shops in Uptown and Tlaquepaque as well as Hozho and Hillside shopping centers, as well as many more. There are galleries and world class spas and resorts including fabulous restaurants to choose any style of food you can come up with! Sedona has it all.   During the winter months, Sedona hold the annual International Film Festival and the Sedona Marathon. While you are here, don't forget to visit some of the historical sites that were established centuries ago by the Native American Hopi and Apache tribes.  We also are steeped in Wild West history that you can find in Old Town Cottonwood as well as Jerome. The links below will help you with your itinerary. Oh! I almost left out the most romantic part of Sedona, your wedding!  Sedona is one of the premier locations for a destination wedding in all of the southwest. There is a link below in Sedona 86336.

You can find all of the links to these activities

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