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Sedona Easter with Sheri and Tristan Sperry – Easter TWITTER FUN!

Sheri Sperry April 15, 2017

Happy Easter


Sunny Sedona

Sedona Easter - Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker and Tristan Sperry Happy Easter!

Easter  Twitter

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Found about 1,000 eggs already. Trying to explain to this cop it’s not my fault if Whole Foods did a bad job hiding them! 

Guy Endore – Kaiser @GayEndoreKaiser


Hoping my Easter guests will help me take down the tree…

Just Bill @WilliamAder


Jesus: Table for 26 please.

Maitre’d: There’s only 13 of you.

Jesus: But we’re all going to sit on the same side.

Sam Kalidi @samkalidi


[Last Supper] 

Jesus: Same time next week guys?

*they all nod*

Judas: I’ll book a table for 12

Jesus: You mean 13

Judas: yeah..13, I meant 13

GoaT FacE @EndhooS


Easter tip: Tell your kids you hid an egg with $50 in it somewhere in backyard but you don’t remember where.  Enjoy a quiet day indoors. ….Your welcome

Abe Yospe @Cheeseboy22

and FINALLY…..


I can’t believe it’s already Easter. It seems like just yesterday it wasn’t Easter!

Bridger Winegar @bridger_w

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