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Sedona Weather Stats for February 2020 – Are Sign of Spring Here!

Sheri Sperry March 3, 2020

Sedona February Weather at Enchantment Resort

Sedona Weather Stats 

February 2020

Sedona Weather Category Summary

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February is in the books! This is the 11th year that the Weather Station at the Coffeepot Cottages has been keeping records. February is generally the third coldest month of the year with December coming in behind January. February and March have been known to have more snow than the other months but as the days push closer to March, the mean temperature usually pushes up about 3º to 4º. For example, today it got up to 68.6º.  We are still looking for our first 70º day. 

February 2020 ~ No Snow in Sedona!

Fortunately, February was a much warmer month than last year and also warmer than January. You might recall that we got 25.61 inches of snow in February of 2019. Sedona has not had any snow so far in 2020! As we approach spring, just 16 days from now, chances for snow will continue to diminish. 

Much Warmer Temps

As for our temperature, we almost broke 70º on 2/21/20.  One-third of the month was above 65º. These temps were spread out throughout February. The medium temperature was 5º higher than last year and the low temperature was 11º higher than last year’s low.  February was still cooler than in other years. In 2015, 2016, and 2017, the medium temp was 48.2º to almost 50º.  A 50º temperature is like spring in Sedona. 

Sedona February Weather Enchantment Resort Sedona AZ Blooming

Sedona Real Estate Spring Selling Season Starts In January

Our spring selling season starts in January.  Many people from colder states are visiting and want to see homes or condo get-aways.  Of course,  Cactus League Baseball season starts on February 22nd and the visitors are visiting all month long taking advantage of Valentines’ Day, Presidents Weekend, the Sedona International Film Festival and the much warmer weather. Hiking is HUGE this time of year. 

Temperature Almanac

 Sedona February Weather Temperature Almanac

This year, about two-thirds of the days were over 60º for a high. Only 4 days were in the 60ºs last year in February! Also, in 2019 there were 17 days in the 40ºs or below. In 2020, there were only 5 days in the 40ºs. The difference, last year felt like winter in February, this year February felt like spring. Generally, February does bring in spring-like conditions.

Precipitation Almanac

Sedona February Weather Precipitation Rain Almanac


As for precipitation, we had 1.24 inches of rain spread over 2 days in February. Only 5 days were cloudy. Rain could have developed but nothing fell to the earth. No snow fell in Soldiers Pass Sedona, either.


Juniper Pollen Still Here…

An area of note: Our Junipers continue to hold pollen. Sedona got a lot of rain in 2019 (23.47 inches and over and over 32 inches of snow) which has helped our Juniper Trees bloom more than ever before. We also are continuing to get just enough wind to loosen that pollen and send it in the air! 

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