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Sedona History – Then and Now

Sheri Sperry March 30, 2022

West Sedona from Airport Mesa - a Bob Markow Photo

Sedona History Then and Now

I saw this image (above) and couldn't believe it.  I have seen a lot of historical images but this hit home. This was taken in 1968.  Where I live in Soldiers Pass won't be built for another 20 years - (1988).  I can't believe that none of the roads are paved.  This image was taken from Airport Mesa. It is a picture of West Sedona.

It spurred me to look up when the Sedona airport was founded.  It was founded in 1955.   You can find out more information here.  Obviously, there must have been a road, probably a dirt road like all the others you see below.  It is very hard to see, but those roads are not flat as they appear.

Recent Images

West Sedona Soldiers Pass Iconic Red Rocks


Capital Butte, thunder Mtn, Coffeepot rock

Sedona Tourism

Sedona has 3 million visitors a year.  This is a town that has a little over 10,000 residents that call Sedona "home".  As beach city residents have seen during the summer months, Sedona residents have to plan their trips around the traffic.   There is a Sustainable Tourism Plan that Sedona has implemented and it is helping.  But social media continues to play a role in more and more people coming to see the Red Rocks.  Just last Thursday, the Sedona Shuttle was implemented to take Tourists and hikers to the most used trail systems.  One of those trail systems is a 5 minute walk from my house!      

Sedona Shuttle


Sedona Shuttle

From Thursday through Sunday, the parking lots at the 3 heaviest trailheads are shut down and the shuttle takes traffic from other parking lots to the trailheads.  I have already noticed a huge change in footing car traffic. Keep up the great work Sedona!

Find out more about Robert Markow who passed away in 2009.  There is 80 years of old and historical photos stored in an old bank vault. Paul Markow took over the family business and has an instagram account that has a lot of historical images from Arizona. 


Social Media - One Reason Sedona Tourism Has Blown Up!

After I posted this, I was on Instagram.  I had to share this photo because this is exactly why Sedona Tourism has blown up.  For the last 2 weeks, Spring Break has inundated Sedona with traffic, full restaurants, and heavy hiking trails.  

This particular area is part of the Soldiers Pass Trail and about a 10 minute walk or hike from my house.  It is a gorgeous area so people want to come and see it.  

Soldiers Pass Trail - 7 Sacred Pools

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