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What Makes The Red Rocks Of Sedona So Special? Why Should I Move To Sedona Arizona?

Sheri Sperry March 28, 2020

What Makes the Red Rocks of Sedona so Special?

Red Rock Fever SedonaShip Rock from my backyard with a telephoto lens

Sedona Hikes
Jordan Park Trail

“God Made The Grand Canyon But He Lives In Sedona!” 

The first time you see the majestic red rock beauty of Sedona, the image you see is burned into your memory. What makes this landscape so unique is how it changes as you move through it. There is a certain “Wow Factor” that can take your breath away as the scenery seems to change right in front of your eyes. There is a very old saying that “God made the Grand Canyon but He lives in Sedona”. Also, Sedona is one of the few cities where you can go outside at night and see the Milky Way.  We will discuss that later!

Red Rocks Fever

Sedona Real EstateRed Rocks Fever – I have talked about this many times before. In fact, we have a dedicated domain that showcases some of the landscape and photography of Sedona’s red rocks.

Sedona Brings A Sense of Adventure

So as you analyze the phrase, there is an anticipation of what you might see around the next turn, whether you are hiking or driving.  When you experience the sights, the sounds and the smell of pine trees, nature, and the red rocks, a feeling of euphoria may come over you. Hence, the name “Red Rocks Fever”!

Those with a severe case of red rocks fever may lose some sleep, become anxious and possibly frustrated because they did not plan enough time in this awe-inspiring area. This means a person with the “fever” may try to pack too much into their time here. An extra hike or bike ride, maybe a red rock jeep tour or just one more vortex before you leave. I know, you don’t want to leave, but you have to go back home to go to work.

They didn’t plan it but here they are, looking at property for a vacation home or a home for future retirement.

If you know someone with red rock fever or you may have it yourself, please see me.  I had a severe case of the bug and I can find a “cure” for you as well!

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Here is a look at the latest up-to-date Sedona Market Report for zip code 86336 which includes West Sedona, Uptown, Red Rock Loop and the Chapel Area. The Market Reports for zip codes 86336, (86351–> VOC), (86325–> Cornville), (86326–> Cottonwood), (86324–> Clarkdale).  Other Market Reports can be found at SedonaMarketReports.com.

Red Rocks Fever Catch It!

Cathedral Rock - Sedona Real Estate
Cathedral Rock in the Spring – with the pump house to create electricity and pump water.


I Love the Red Rocks and the Landscape but why should I move to Sedona?

Another big factor why people move here is for the weather and the climate and year-round outdoor activities.  Buyers say they love the healthy mild climate. The air is clean. There are outdoor activities all year long including hiking and mountain biking among the red rocks. Golf and tennis are other popular activities. Just living in the red rocks and enjoying a dark sky is a very powerful draw for buyers. Mild weather with very little noticeable humidity and around 300 days of sunshine is yet another big reason to move to Sedona. Is it any wonder why Sedona is a second home, retirement, and relocation destination.

2019 Final Sedona Weather Categories Find 2020 Sedona-Weather.com Category Summary By Month


Verde River rafting

How Is The Weather in Sedona?

I get a lot of questions about weather and climate.  In fact, before we moved here full-time, we decided to visit every season to see what the weather is like. My husband erected a weather station to record the weather.  His records are pretty extensive going back to 2010. In my neighborhood of 33 homes, only 10 are used full-time. Many residents come here in winter to get away from the fridged cold of the midwestern and northeastern states while others beat the heat from areas such as Phoenix in those long summer months of 110º plus days. Sedona averages 15º cooler than the Phoenix area and 15-20º warmer than Flagstaff area.

Sedona has a mild climate compared to other areas that have high humidity in the summer months and/or very cold freezing weather in the winter months.  Both seasons are relatively short with a longer period of pleasant spring and fall weather.

How Does Low Humidity Affect How You Feel?

What a lot of people don’t realize is that low humidity in summer and winter months means temps over 90º do not feel as warm as areas with humidity. This same climatic condition goes for winter weather as well. Days below 50º feel less chilly than other areas that have humidity and wind.  If you are looking for four distinct seasons, Sedona may be just what you are looking for! You may see snow however, it evaporates quickly. Since 2010, there have only been a handful of days that the temperature remained below freezing all day.  This minimizes the chance of icy conditions. You can see this complete documentation at Sedona-Weather.com.

How Does Sedona Compare To Large Metropolitan Areas?

Besides the wonderful weather and gorgeous views, people move to Sedona because of the small-town atmosphere, commitment to the Arts, easy access to businesses, doctors, dentists, and other professional services.  Sedona has 5-star resorts and first-class restaurants. Just in West Sedona alone, there are four grocery stores including Bashes, Safeway (Albertsons), Natural Grocers, and Whole Foods.  Besides the pharmacies in Bashes and Safeway, there is a CVS and Walgreens for convenience.

Five-minutes east of Whole Foods you will find Uptown Sedona. Uptown is home to jeep touring companies, restaurants, and wine tasting rooms as well as many stores that tourists enjoy shopping in, as well as restaurants and lodging accommodations. The Hyatt at Pinon Pointe Shopping Area is the transition from West Sedona to the Uptown area.

All of this can be found within a short drive.  Even if there is an appearance of traffic, you can get just about anywhere in Sedona 86336, within minutes. For example, my home at the very back of Soldiers Pass is only 4-5 minutes to Whole Foods, and my doctor as well as other professional services. My dentist is 5-minutes to the west. All the food stores and pharmacies are 5-minutes or less from each other. Uptown is only 5 to 7 minutes to the east from Whole Foods!  Big-box stores such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot are located 25 minutes to the west in Cottonwood.  Verde Valley Medical Center Sedona Campus Emergency Department is 6-minutes from Whole Foods. Traveling short distances for your shopping, professional and medical needs does spoil me.  If it takes me an extra couple of minutes to get somewhere because of traffic, my husband reminds me of how much traffic we came from in the Metropolitan Los Angeles area.

Sedona is an International Dark Sky Community

One of the main reasons Rick got Red Rocks Fever was the night sky.  You could actually see the Milky Way at night along with shooting stars. Sedona reminded him of being a kid again when there was little light pollution and you could see stars. Once there was the suburban sprawl, light pollution entered the picture.

International Dark Sky Community Sedona


Sedona has taken great strides to continue to suppress light pollution and preserve the dark sky. There is an actual city ordinance that covers what residents and the business community can do with lighting.  In 2014, Sedona was designated as the eighth International Dark Sky community.

There are 18 other communities worldwide including Big Park Village of Oak Creek Arizona. Flagstaff Arizona was the very first city to be designated IDA back in 2001.

Each area that is designated must meet stringent criteria to carry the IDA designation. There are also 30 International Dark Sky Parks. The Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument, Arizona, and Elan Valley Estate, Wales, United Kingdom are two such parks. In another category, there are 13 International Dark Sky Reserves that have also been added to the list.

Of the 61 areas worldwide, 36 are located in the United States and 7 of those are located in Arizona. Four of the seven are located in Northern Arizona

The image above was shot during a full moon and you can still see a lot of stars.


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