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What is The Sedona Weather Like in Spring? Winter Recap 2022

Sheri Sperry April 4, 2022

What is Sedona Weather like in the. spring of 2022

What Is The Sedona Weather Like In Spring?

Winter Recap

Winter Dusting of Snow in Sedona on Coffeepot Rock and Thunder Mtn

The dusting of the snow above was captured on February 24th.  During the last 3 months, a scene like this has been uncommon. Sedona is known to get snow from time to time, but you better enjoy it while it is there because it doesn't last long.  This is why many of us appreciate it.  Sedona doesn't see "deep freeze" conditions. It makes you appreciate the beauty of the red rocks such as Coffeepot Rock and Thunder Mountain above.  The red rock goes crimson in contrast to the green pines, junipers, and snow. It's Mother Nature's way of putting on her make-up and letting you know how beautiful she is.

So far in 2022, we have had 5 inches of snow spread out over the last 4 months with another 2.43 inches of rain.  We had 45 days out of 90 in the first quarter to dip below 32º for a short time.  The last day the temperature dipped below freezing was March 22, 2022.  It got up to 70º that day.  All the plant coverings have been removed, and we won't see them until the last week of November. Bye-bye!

!st Q Sedona Weather by the numbers


As for the temperature ...

During the first quarter, it is interesting to see the split between the 50ºs and 60ºs. Out of 63 days, there is just about an even split.  There are 15 days above 70º and 11 days below 50º.  For some areas, this is spring or summer weather. We are very fortunate to have mild but distinct seasons. 


How Pleasent is Sedona Weather in the Spring?

Usually, Sedona experiences a long spring.  We have had years that the weather started to change during mid-February and lasted through June. 

Mountain Biking in Sedona on the trails

Probably the most noticeable change is the lack of rain.  The second quarter has the lowest total for the year. For many of the years in the last decade, there has not been a drop of rain in June.  This is a great time to come to Sedona if you like the outdoors.  Just remember to drink a lot of fluid. You don't even realize that you are dehydrated when hiking or biking. 

Sedona Borders The Colorado Plateau


Sedona sits on the transition to the Colorado Plateau


We should look to last year to see what Sedona can expect for temperatures this year. In 2021, April had 4 days in the 60ºs.  Most of the temps were in the 70ºs and 80ºs, with one day creeping into the 90ºs. May did have 11 days in the 90ºs.  This is still delightful weather because of the lack of humidity.  In June, almost the entire month was above 90º.  Our 100º temps are usually just above 100º. We can get a heat spell or two, but it is nothing like the Sonoran Desert that can get into the 110ºs for 30 days or more.  After all, Sedona borders the Colorado Plateau.


kayaking Verde River Spring summer


Besides my years of experience living in Sedona, I  get all my stats from the website below.  Rick updates it monthly and publishes a journal from the last month. He then moves it into a seasonal journal so that those moving here or visiting can better understand the type of weather they will get.

Sedona-Weather.com - Charts and Stats

Seasonal Weather Summaries and Videos

Ricks World Sedona sedona-weather.com

Check out this blog for more information on humidity and summer weather.

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