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Should Sedona Luxury Homes Have Luxury Appliances and Amenities?

Sheri Sperry July 11, 2019

Luxury Sedona Homes and Appliances

Sedona Luxury Homes For Sale - Sub-zero

Sub-Zero Built-in Panel Refrigeration 1988

Sedona Luxury Homes For Sale - Sub-zero


I purchased my Sedona home in 2003.  At that time, the Sub-Zero refrigerator was 15-years-old (pictured above).  I was told that a Sub-Zero is a luxury appliance that should last around 20 years. In that same conversation, a Sub-Zero could be repaired if needed. Since moving in, the ice machine was replaced once and the compressor was replaced twice. 

Fast forward to 2019. This 31-year-old refrigerator is freezing some of the contents in the refrigerator and sometimes thawing contents in the freezer. As I have stated, this type of refrigerator can be rebuilt. It probably needs another compressor.  It would be much easier to get a repair person out to fix it and a lot cheaper as well. However, what you are going to have is a 31-year-old rebuilt refrigerator. Is it worth it? 

New Technology

At some point in time, you need to look at the new technology that is available in the refrigerators of 2019 and weigh the new features against a rebuilt refrigerator from 1988.  Many of the changes are subtle. For example, improved visibility using LED lighting, additional shelving, and sealed compartments. 

NASA Inspired Tech

Then you get into some of the major tech upgrades, which include WiFi accessibility. There are 2 separate compressors for dryer frigid air in the freezer and cool moist air in the refrigeration unit. A NASA inspired air purification system is also installed to scrub the air for ethylene gas which hastens spoilage. The scrubber also purifies the air of mold, viruses, and bacteria every 20 minutes.  I could continue with all the latest tech, but you get the picture. 

As A Member of the Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals (SLREP)

We Preview Sedona Luxury Homes and Listings

Sedona Luxury homes for sale - sheri sperryI am an expert in Sedona Luxury Home Sales as well as a past-president of SLREP. As a luxury real estate group, we meet twice a month and review the latest luxury listings. We hold luxury educational events which ensure that we are up-to-date on all the latest tech and amenities. 

An important value we hold for sellers is previewing and evaluating new Sedona luxury homes and listings for each member.  We discuss the quality of the home, the custom features, and amenities. Another consideration that is discussed is whether or not the listing should be considered a luxury listing.  

Sedona Luxury Homes for sale - kitchen Sheri Sperry

Besides assessing the curb appeal and quality build of a Sedona luxury home, one of the first rooms the group visits is the kitchen viewing the layout, appliances, and cabinetry. If the appliances are not considered luxury appliances, this is a red flag that the quality may not be up to the discerning standards of a luxury home buyer.

A buyer will be contemplating the cost to replace the appliances and will figure this into any offer that is made. The buyer will scrutinize the quality of other features such as flooring, countertops, hardware, windows and sliders, views, hardscape, square footage, built-ins, etc. Other areas of consideration will include, the flow of the home, the number of ensuites, space for entertainment, and office or retreat areas (privacy). 

Outdoor Space

Sedona luxury homes for sale

Are there areas for outside entertainment? Does the outside area have a fireplace, outdoor fans, heating, lighting, and kitchen capabilities including a sink and refrigerator? Is the area covered and have room for dining?  Is there a pool?  There are many boxes to check when looking for a Sedona luxury home, but as I stated before, one of the first things a buyer will check out is the kitchen. 

Which Appliances or Brands Are Considered To Be

High-End Luxury?

Sedona Luxury Homes - kitchen appliances

Gaggenau - $30,000 +

Jenn-Air - $21,000 - $26,000

La Cornue (image above) $26,000 - $115,000

Miele - $23,000 - $30,000

Sub-Zero - Wolf - Cove - $24,000 - $35,000

Thermador $17,000 - $22,000

Viking - $21,000 - $25,000

I listed the above brands in alphabetical order and there is a link below for more information and additional images. Listed next to the name is the price of the kitchen. Some of these products are only cooking appliances. There would be an additional cost for refrigerator and high-end dishwasher. 

Every buyer is going to determine what is most important about the features of each product.  For example, it could be name recognition, style, reliability, serviceability, or ease of use. Some discerning buyers may look at brands that can be built-in or hidden behind a cabinet door. 

What Are Your Requirements?

Sedona is located 2 hours from a major metropolitan area. Having certified installers and repair people is high up on my list. Full-time and part-time residents may have different requirements and this also should be taken into consideration when purchasing your appliances. I should note that buyers want high-end appliances that match!  Are the handles and finishes the same? If you purchase the same brand across your appliance spectrum, you can be assured that finishes and handles will match.  This does matter to a discerning buyer.


As an example, I have decided on a Sub-Zero side by side. The compatible appliance package is Wolf and Cove.  The finishes and handles are the same.  The next upgrades will be these products. I plan on staying in my home, but if I have to consider moving, I must always consider resale. 

Reference:  Top 7 Best Luxury Appliance Brands (Reviews / Ratings / Prices - Yale Appliance - Lighting

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