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Morning In Sedona ~ A Fresh Canvas Every Day! Pictorial

Sheri Sperry April 8, 2016

Morning Sedona Sunrise

West Sedona Arizona

Soldiers Pass 

West Sedona Real Estate

This is looking east from my backyard toward the Uptown area of Sedona.  In the center of the yellow area is part of Ship Rock.

West Sedona Sunrise

This is a 200mm shot of Ship Rock through the pine trees from my backyard.


Good Morning Sedona!  Every day brings with it a new and fresh canvas that we get to paint.  West Sedona residents wake up and look to the sunrise to see what Mother Nature is going to put on the canvas.  Clouds create dramatic effects that an image will capture and draw the eye to it.

If you live in Sedona, you need to carry your camera with you.  Fortunately, most of us have smart phones which can give great pictures.  So, be ready to snap away!  Enjoy what each day may bring because a new day and a new canvas will be with us tomorrow morning!

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