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Record Heat Hits Sedona – Hottest Day On Record – Sedona Coffeepot Cottages Weather Station

Sheri Sperry June 21, 2016

Record Heat

Hottest Day On Record In Sedona

3º Higher Than Previous Record

Record Heat Ricks World Sedona Weather - All time hottest day


I am always the first person to say that Sedona is much cooler than Phoenix or the Valley.  Well, yesterday, our temps were not far off of record setting temps in Phoenix!  I never thought I would ever see a temperature as high as 112 in Sedona.  We have spent many vacations on the Colorado River where temps can hover around 120º. So heat is not foreign to us but NEVER in Sedona. 

Normally – the coolest part of the day is right after sun up, unless a front moves in.  During summer, we run the AC from 11 AM to about 9 PM.  Just a day earlier, it was 61º in the AM!  I could tell we were headed for a record when that AM temp only got down to 74º.  We can cool the whole house down in a short time just by opening windows….not yesterday!!

Hottest Part of the Day

Where we live, the hottest part of the day is around 3:30 PM to 4:45 PM.  As you can see, the hottest temperature was 112.7º at 1:34 PM.  Clouds started to roll in and the temperature dropped from that point forward.  

I feel pretty confident that this record should stand for awhile.  The record that was smashed was set back on June 29th, 2013 at 109.1º.

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 record heat sedona weather station

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