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Sedona Snow Moon …Why?

Sheri Sperry February 21, 2016

Sedona Snow MoonSedona Snow Moon

The Sedona Snow Moon …Twice a year, right before Spring and right before Fall, the sun and moon start to switch places. It is a more rapid change than when the sun and moon are cresting during winter and summer. 

Snow piles even higher in February, giving this moon its most common name. Among tribes that used this name for the January moon, the February moon was called the Hunger Moon due to the challenging hunting conditions. Of course, snow does not pile any time of the year in Sedona!

In fact, it is so warm that the trees are already blooming and leaves are coming in! Right now it is 70º with a high of 74º expected!

Customer are always asking about our weather here in Sedona.  Some have the misconception that it is very similar to Phoenix. So I decided I am going to do a weather recap monthly summerizing the weather conditions for the month before. We have a weather station right in our back backyard and have already built up 5 years of statistics.  So, why not?  !!  see more at .

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