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Sedona Weather – January 2016 Update

Sheri Sperry February 21, 2016

Sedona Weather – January 2016

Sedona weather and precipitation

sedona weather and temperatures

This will be a new monthly feature.  

Many of our clients come to Sedona from out-of-state to enjoy the warmer weather in the winter time. People love the Spring and Fall weather as well. It is a great place to see desert flowers and plants bloom.  Fall provides a myriad of color that you can’t find in other places of the state or for that matter the Southwest. We also have milder Summer weather conditions because the altitude is around 4500 feet.  So when Phoenix is 113º, Sedona may only be a dry 98º.

So Lots of my clients who fall in love with Sedona (Red Rock Fever) ask me what the weather is like all year long.  So providing up to the minute weather data as well as almanac local weather history is something that many like to see.

We have a weather statsedona weather station ion right in our backyard.  It can be monitored very easily. The Soldiers Pass area, where we live is a little more sheltered and seems to be slightly cooler than surrounding areas. But overall you will get a pretty accurate idea of what the weather is like every month of the year.  The charts go back 6 years prior to this year.  There is also a historic monthly averages chart as well. As well as a chart that indicates weather extremes, averages, and an overall climactic view.  It will certainly give you a much better idea of what to expect than just looking at a monthly average chart.

If you prefer more information. please go to  for detailed information and also current videos of weather phenomena.

January 2016

January is usually our coldest month of the year.  It is a time where you will find our lowest temperatures and we may even get a nice amount of snow.  This year was no exception though January was not quite as cold as December 2015 was.  December was an unusually cold month and generally mirrored the conditions we usually get in January. This January, we had a lot of snow (4.50 in.) and a good amount of rain.  By the end of the month the junipers were in full bloom with “berry dust”. As the wind hits the trees, it almost appears that the tree is on fire. The dust is a golden color and it swirls off the trees like a plume of smoke.

Most of January (26 days) the lows usually right before dawn, were below freezing, but even in January the temps got up to an average of 53º which is sweater temp. There were 7 days above 60º and 17 days were above 55º.  Last year our warmest day was 70º.  Pretty nice for January!

Here is an example of what the snow can look like.  For those of you who are tired of snow … this snow does not last long. Usually most if not all is gone by the next day.  Because it is so dry, much of the snow evaporates directly into the atmosphere.  On occasion, we may have a day that does not allow the snow to melt completely.

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