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How Did the Now Famous Red Rock Country of Sedona Get It’s Name?

Sheri Sperry December 17, 2016


How Sedona Got It’s Name…

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June Market WEstern Hills

Sedona Arizona History - photo courtesy of Tom McKinnon

T.C, & Sedona Schnebly – courtesy Tom McKinnon

Oak Creek – A Beautiful Area To Settle

From the moment I decided to move to Sedona and the Verde Valley, I have been intrigued with the history of the entire area. Of course, As you visit historical sites in and around the city, the fascination and intrigue continues to grow.  Naturally, I wanted to find out how Sedona got it’s name.  History shows that there were around 15 families that settled in this area. It wasn’t until 1889 that the General Land Office decided to send surveyors out to establish the boundaries of the homestead and township and range lines. Oak Creek provided the water to irrigate the land through a series of canals.  Some of those canals are still active today, and are visible around the property that T.C. homesteaded.  If you have visited Sedona and spent some time at Oak Creek,  you know why settlers choose to this area. One of my favorite spots is the Tlaquepaque area.

T.C.Schnebly’s brother Ellsworth was told to move to Arizona for health reasons.  He convinced T.C. (Theodore Carl) to come out from Missouri to settle in this area. T.C. was a business man and set up a two story hotel and general store for the area’s residents.  The area that he settled in is Tlaquepaque and the resort of Los Abrigados.

As the township developed – T.C. decided it was time to have regular mail service for the area settlers.  He submitted names of Oak Creek Crossing and Schnebly Station.  However the Postmaster General at the time, was partial to one word names for the postmarks.  So Ellsworth suggested to T.C. that he should consider submitting his wife’s name for the postmark!

Sedona Name Trivia 

I know that many of you may think that the name Sedona might be of Native American or Spanish origin, but it is not! When Sedona was born in February 24, 1877, her mother Amanda Miller “just thought up the name”.  Amanda thought it sounded “pretty”.

An Immortal Pioneer Of Sedona

More Pictures can be found on – (Historical Graves Tab)

Sedona Schnebly - homes for sale

Marker for Historical Site

Cedar Glade Cemetery

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