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Volunteer – The Red Rocks Of Sedona and the Red Shield Working Together

Sheri Sperry November 4, 2017

Doing The Most Good

Volunteer - Sheri Sperry Andrew Brearley Coldwell Banker

Volunteer – First of all, I need to explain how I became a Salvation Army volunteer. If not for my manager of our Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Sedona office, Andrew Brearley, I would not have known about this opportunity. Andrew started the Coldwell Banker First Affiliate back in the 1980’s and recently sold the franchise to Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. Volunteer - Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker Residential BrokerageYou would be hard pressed to find anybody that doesn’t think the world of Andrew, me included! His support and mentoring for his agents and clients is unsurpassed. Bottom line, he cares about people, which is one reason I chose to align myself with CB. 

So, if it were not for Andrew asking for volunteers to help in the Salvation Army effort, I would not have thought of this organization to give my time. 

I thought this was all about bell ringing and collecting donations. We are also part of the “paying it forward” effort to help people in need. Andrew gave us an orientation of what is expected of us. I started on October 30th,  I have already been able to assist a few people.

How It Works

We arrange to meet with the person in need and discuss their situation to help them work through it. Many have had a difficult life circumstance and coming to us gives them that shot in the arm to move forward. We can help direct them to the services that are offered in the community of Sedona. 

Areas of Support

Besides Emergency Disaster Services, the Salvation Army provides support in: Adult Rehabilitation – Veterans Affairs Services – Elderly Services – Missing Persons – Hunger Relief – Housing and Homeless Services – Christmas Assistance – Youth Camps and Recreation & Special Tutoring to Students. This is just a partial list! 

Volunteer – Ring the Bell During the Holidays

Volunteer - Sheri Sperry Coldwell Banker - Andrew BrearleyI will also be “ringing the bell”.  I will be participating to raise funds for people in need in our area. With the year we have had in disasters and tragedies throughout our great land, this is a small way to help contribute. Salvation Army of Sedona

Our time is valuable to us, but the right advice or support you give can be a priceless contribution to another human being or family. 



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