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3 Critical Vender Solutions That Buyers Need To Choose

Sheri Sperry July 22, 2016

Do You Know Who Can Make Your Home Purchase Experience

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First of all – the most important decision you are going to make is getting the right REALTOR®.  But let’s assume that you have chosen the right REALTOR® – Sheri Sperry, and found the home of your dreams!

With every step of the process, you have to feel comfortable with the choice you have made.  This is an area I can help with.  I have dealt with many of the vendors in our area.  I know who is fast, efficient, accurate and can help keep your costs in line with the services they offer.

The process is not as simple as this list. As you go through each step, other solutions may be required. Another reason why you want to use “YOUR Solutions REALTOR®”.  Every vendor needed to ensure the home sale needs to be someone who is trustworthy and will not cut corners.

1. Mortgage Lender

With just about all transactions, you have to be pre-qualified or pre-approved for the loan amount.  So you need to have a lender that understands your financial needs and will work on your behalf to get the best interest rate and terms for you.

2. Escrow & Title Company

The escrow company needs to make sure that the process is followed on both sides of the transaction.  The contract stipulates the process and it is the escrow company that follows these instructions to ensure the transaction process goes as scheduled and is followed and closes on time. The title company does a search to ensure there are no liens and that the title is clear. You cannot take title and the property will not close if the title is not clear.  During this process if there is a lien, the title company will make sure that escrow is informed and instructions will be set up to pay the lien off before the close of escrow.

3. Inspection Process

With out the right inspector, you may not get an accurate picture of what issues are disclosed that may need repair or replacement. You do get a disclosure statement from the seller but that is just a starting point.  The inspector can also recommend other inspections that may need to be done.  Is your electrical and plumbing in good working order? Does there appear to be leaks.  Could the roof need repair or replacement? Are there other systems that may need servicing?  Without the right inspector, these are just a few of the areas that may go unnoticed or undiscovered.

Your REALTOR® is the “point person”  to ensure that your home buying experience is not a nightmare for you.  By picking the right REALTOR® you can be kept well informed of solutions and decision you need to make.

If you are not in Sedona or the Verde Valley, I may be able to recommend the right REALTOR® for you.

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