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Security Cams ~ Are You Compromising Your Negotiation Power?

Sheri Sperry July 16, 2016

Security Cameras ~ The Seller May Be Watching Every Move You Make!

Security Cameras - MCNE - Sheri Sperry Master Certified Negotiation Expert


Security Cameras

When it comes to Security Cameras, I know a thing or two about the subject. I am a past President of the Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals (SLREP) and a Master Certified Negotiation Expert.  We meet twice a month and discuss the luxury home market.  At a recent meeting, the topic came up about security cameras.  As a luxury real estate specialist, many if not all our luxury homes have security.  With today’s technology, it is easy to access these features through your smart phone or tablet.  You can see the video feed live in most cases.

Sellers Want Top $$$$

As we know, hot market aside, when pricing a luxury home, it is generally going to have a longer selling cycle than the home that is priced much lower. If an agent does not hit the price point “sweet spot”, a  luxury home can sit and become stale.

Your Conversations and ACTIONS May Be Monitored

A seller may decide to be that “fly on the wall” during a showing of their home.  So if a buyer walks through the home and thinks they are having a private conversation, think again!  You may be monitored and not even know it. Just your actions, such as how long you linger in a room, the use of your body language to show your excitement, may tip off the seller as to how to emphasize the strong points of the home going forward. The listing agent may not even be aware of it.

Nanny Cams Are Everywhere…Compromising Your Negotiating Power

If you go into a somewhat private area to talk about your willingness to go to a certain price level, or worse yet, willing to pay full asking…. guess what, you will pay that price.  You may not even have to talk about pricing.  Just saying how much you love a feature or two or three may be enough to erode your position.

The Real Estate Agents Are Not Off The Hook Either!

As an agent, whether you are working for the seller or the buyer, you are on display.  Your actions will determine if you keep the listing as a representative of the seller.  As a buyer’s agent, your reputation is on display.  How do you present the home? Do you allow your customers to touch everything?  Does a buyer try out the bed?  Are they trashing every aspect of the home? If a seller is watching live or on tape, they are sizing you up.

It’s Not Just Luxury Homes Where You Can Find These Cameras

I think that we have an obligation to  remind some customers that they may be monitored on security cameras.  A gentle reminder to emphasize that discussing negotiations outside or in the car is probably the best course of action, especially if they are seriously considering purchase. You never know who is watching!


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