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March 2018 – Black Moon – Once Every 20 Years…

Sheri Sperry March 1, 2018

Sedona’s Black Moon

March 1, 2018

Rare Black Moon – Every 20 Years

Today is the “Black Moon” – It happens every 20 years. It is the absence of a full moon in February. There will be 2 full moons in March; today and March 31st – which is called a “Blue Moon” because it is the second full moon in a month. This is another rare event. It generally only happens a couple times a year.

Remembering January 2018

Remember back in January, there were two full moons. The second being a very rare event that featured a Super Blue Blood Moon at the end of the month! Basically, the second full moon was also a total eclipse and at the closest point (perigee) in its elliptical orbit to the earth. This made the moon appear much bigger than at other times. The “Blood Moon” gets its color because of the shadow cast by the earth as it passes through the sun’s shadow during a lunar eclipse. This makes the moon appear orange in color.

Sedona’s – Red Rock Fever

 As the full moon rises in Sedona, the rocks appear to be a deep crimson color, and that is what is captured in a photo. This happens because as the sun sets in the west, only the red wavelength of sunlight is getting through the atmosphere. This is why sunrises and sunsets are so magnificent. This “magic time” is why photographers love to snap pictures. There is a warm glow which is magnified in the color of the Sedona red rocks. This may even cause some people to get “Red Rock Fever”

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